What are the Health Benefits of Prostate Massage?

Many men find a gentle prostate massage extremely stimulating; after all, the prostate is considered the secret G-spot of the man. Prostate stimulation works best with a finger or anal toy massage.

The prostate massage alone is already an intense emotional experience for many men. Masturbates man additionally the penis or he has sex while the prostate is massaged, intensifies the breathtaking feeling and often leads to even more intense climaxes. An intense climax using prostate massager can improve testosterone levels. Of course, each person responds differently to stimulation, and anal prostate massage may not be for everyone. This is normal, as most people have to get used to the sensation and the anal stimulation.

The right entry into the subject of anal sex, including a step-by-step guide, you will find in our article: anal sex for beginners. There are also several ways to massage the man’s G point. Not only over the anus but also from the outside at the dam. So, just try! We show how to do it.

This is how you find the prostate

The prostate is an accessory sex gland, which has the task of producing a secretion that mixes with the sperm. In this way, the sperm’s pH is raised in order to increase the chances of survival during sex and to promote fertilization. The man’s prostate is also called prostate gland. It is located below the urinary bladder and surrounds part of the urethra. Best homemade prostate massagers are there to help you out.

Where is the prostate in the man?

The approximately chestnut-sized gland can be easily felt over the rectum with a finger. The G point of the man is about 5-7 cm in the anus on the anterior intestinal wall, ie towards the abdominal wall. With a slightly curved finger, which points with its underside to the navel, the prostate can be palpated.

With a finger or tongue, the anus is easily massaged from the outside, so that the partner can adjust to the feeling – you take the finger to help, already give some lubrication gel on the anus, so you gently penetrate with your finger gradually can.

Proper preparation for prostate massage

First, dedicate yourself to his perineum – the area between the testicles and the anus: gentle stroking or pressing excites and relaxes. During the foreplay with the partner, he can also orally stimulate the exterior of the anus.

Instructions for prostate massage

The prostate combines a variety of nerve endings, which makes the anal stimulation so intense. Man can pamper himself as well as be stimulated by the partner that means with his fingers or during sex. However, prostate massage works best with an anal toy or a curved finger. There are two ways to massage the prostate – direct and indirect massage. The indirect is practiced over the perineum, while the direct is done inside the anus with the fingers or a sex toy. We use loveplugs and we recommend their prostate massagers having a highly positive feedback from its customers, no doubt it will suffice your needs.

Thanks to its slim shape, it is particularly easy to introduce anal. Its two stimulation arms pamper the prostate simultaneously – directly from inside and indirectly over the perineum. Through powerful vibrations, the pleasure experience is additionally enhanced and ensures lively pleasure.

The indirect prostate massage

Indirect massage of the prostate is done at the dam. The gland is located, seen from the outside, directly behind the testicles. Many men have a hairless area at the point where the prostate lies.

With the fingers, this region can be easily pressed, rubbed, caressed and massaged. Crawling with the fingertips can also trigger intense emotions. Meanwhile the penis and testicles can be stimulated with the other hand. For the external prostate massage, a few finger vibrators are also an aid for even more intense feelings.

The direct prostate massage

In addition to the indirect massage on the perineum, the prostate can also be stimulated inside the anus. The gland is separated by the thin membrane of the intestinal wall. The foreskin to the prostate is best suited fingers or an anal toy. Of course, the man’s G-spot can be reached during sex by penetrating the penis.

Fingers and anal toys

Once the point has been felt, the gland can be circled with light pressure from the fingertip. Alternately repeatedly exerts light pressure directly on the prostate or pushes with permanent force and varies the intensity. With a prostate toy, anal dildo or butt plug , the prostate can also be easily reached. If the anus is already well prone, a second finger may also be included in the game. So the prostate can be taken between the index and middle finger and massaged with a little pressure. He purchased from loveplugs, the anal toys stated above, including anal hooks which the friend of mine finds so good quality wise and price to performance base on the other products that you can find in the market today.

Milking the prostate

The prostate can be massaged by the partner at the same time directly and indirectly, while the massaged doing self-satisfied. The stimulation experience can be extremely intense.

In connection with prostate massage is often the term of milking. This means that seminal fluid escapes through the prostate stimulation, although man has no orgasm. Prostate massage reduces the pressure in the seminal vesicle and prostate, resulting in the effect of ejaculation without orgasm . So this massage technique can cause the climax is delayed.

Prostate massage aid: To prepare

Anal penetration whether with a finger, a toy or during sex, should never happen without a lubricant, as the anus, unlike the vagina, cannot produce its own moisture. Special Anal Lubricants therefore provide sufficient moisture for relaxed prostate massages.

Anal toys for prostate massage: There are so-called prostate massagers that massage the prostate from the inside with vibrations and a specially curved shaft.

Most of these anal toys also have another stimulation arm, which massages the perineum from the outside. Double fun is so inevitable.

Hygiene after Prostate Massage

Following orgasm, the stimulator should be gently and slowly pulled out the anus is now particularly sensitive) and thoroughly cleaned with a little soap and water. For disinfection especially for anal toys also a special toy cleaner can be used.