Do you want to host a sex party in Kansas city? Learn How:

With a population of around 500,000 people in Kansas City, you can count on some of the most amazing sex parties. It’s also well known that people in Kansas are pretty open-minded, which also increases the chances of having them over for some naughty fun.


So, how to host sex parties? Well, we’ll share a couple of tips that will help you host one of your own. Here’s what you need to know! 

Make a List of Who You Should Invite

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to host a free-for-all sex party. It’s more than likely that you’ll have a room full of horny men looking for a simple and easy way to have sex. You may find a woman or two at the party, but there would be a significantly higher number of dudes. That is why hosting sex parties requires them to be invite-only.


When making a list of people you’re going to invite to one of your sex parties in Kansas City, make sure you have a similar number of men and women that will comw. Inviting couples is a good idea, but you’ll have to make sure they’re open to the idea of visiting sex parties in the first place. 


If you send a thousand invitations to the wrong people, your sex party will be a failure because the invitees won’t be into type of entertainment. Before hosting a sex party, make sure you’re networking with the right crowd.

Have an Open Discussion About Limits

When it comes to hosting sex parties, limits are one of the most important factors that will ensure everyone has a good time. Before hosting the actual party, it’s a good idea to come up with a set of rules all participants should follow. 


They should be clear and strict. Every guide you find on how to host sex parties will mention limits. If you’re seeing some people for the first time, you can’t possibly know what they’re into or what kind of sex they prefer. Having a discussion about it with all participants will ensure no one has a negative experience and that all people enjoy themselves.


Some of the limits or boundaries include getting consent before touching, no alcohol or drugs, sex toys are optional but only use your own, and NEVER assume that every person at the party will have sex with you. Although these parties are for like-minded people, it doesn’t mean that everyone wants to have sex with everyone. Make sure you have clear consent before moving things forward.

Find the Best Place for the Party

The general atmosphere has a lot to do with the success of sex parties. The rule of thumb is that the people are the most important factor, but the location plays a significant role as well. The most important thing is that it’s comfortable.


Depending on the number of people, look for a place of the appropriate size. It shouldn’t be too big but not too small either so there’s enough room to accommodate everyone.


Before hosting sex parties, make sure there’s enough sexy food, water, clean towels, lube, condoms, and anything else you think might be needed for a good time. Before the party starts, make sure you’ve set the right temperature so people won’t get too sweaty, but not too cold either.

Set Ground Rules for Protection

Protection and safety should be your number one priority if you’re in the business of hosting sex parties in Kansas City. That’s why it’s important to set ground rules so every single participant will be safe during.


Using condoms at sex parties is usually mandatory, but it still needs to be said to each and every individual coming over. Only by doing so, and offering enough condoms, will the party people be safe.

One of the things that’s also common when it comes to sex parties, not just in Kansas City but everywhere in the world, is a mandatory negative STD test. In a place where dozens of people exchange bodily fluids, there’s no place for leaving anything to chance. Even though most people will know each other or at least the host, an STD test shouldn’t be a problem.

Make the Guests Comfortable

Throwing sex parties is a lot of work, and it can be very time-consuming. There are a lot of things you need to think about before the party. Just searching on how to host sex parties will give you a lot of insight into what people expect at these parties and what you can do as a host to make them as comfortable as possible.


One of the most popular techniques hosts use when throwing wild sex parties is having an introduction hour. All the participants sit over a drink, introduce themselves, and share their sexual orientation and expectations. This has proven to be a great technique to have people relax before hopping into action.


Also, another great way to have guests comfortable is by letting them bring their partners. Having someone close to them by their side will make them more comfortable right away.

Have Fun and Get Laid

The last thing you need to know about hosting sex parties in Kansas City is that you’re expected to have fun as well. Organizing everything can be difficult, time-consuming, and tiring, but once everything sets into motion and you see people enjoying themselves, it will all be worth it. 


No one is expecting the host to sit back and worry about food, drinks, or how everyone feels. Most guests expect the host to be active throughout the party and mingle with people. Only having fun, getting laid, and showing people just how fun sex parties can be will make them enjoy it even more.