Good Places to Look for Hook-Ups in Kansas City

If you are new to Kansas City or just passing on through for the weekend, you may be wondering where you can go to meet a sociable company. Here are a few fine places you can consider visiting for some hook-ups. Welcome to Missouri!

Boulevard Brewing Tours & Recreation Center/Beer Hall

In 1989, The Boulevard Brewing Company was founded in a brick building in downtown Kansas City. Specializing in draft beer, it has since become one of the largest breweries in the midwest. The quality ale attracts so many tourists and locals that the company had to open up a separate center next door to house the rush of guests. 


Their Beer Hall and Rec Centers are very popular, upping your chances of bumping into your next fling. After a few glasses of flavourful brew, use the buzz to get comfortable enough to join in the rounds of small talk. Fall into deeper conversations that will hopefully lead to a more intimate connection. Rent event spaces, like the Heim Room or Muehlebach Suite, for quaint and private parties. 


If that doesn’t work, you can always have a good drink while visiting the gift shop, enjoying a tour, or the lots of entertainment available. 

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant 

Cooper’s, with various locations in the country, focuses on making hand-crafted wine from the best grapes across the United States. The way to the heart is through the stomach, so if you are into surrendering to a mouth-watering menu drenched in quality blends, make a reservation and impress a date. Or meet a fellow foodie at this Kansas City restaurant.


Plan a day out of meeting fascinating and new people from all walks of life. This food community is about calmness and appreciation, so please take your time. You never know who you will bump into. So stroll around the service bar, or experience the tour and lose yourself in the essence of Napa Valley at the tasting room. Sip the selection of wines and initiate a tête-à-tête with someone intriguing. 

Chappell’s Restaurant & Sports Museum

Chappell’s Restaurant is a dining spot founded in 1989 as a bar and grill. Today, it is surrounded by brilliant displays of spectacularly rare and authentic sports memorabilia and collector’s items. It is a nice location for game enthusiasts and fanatics. Come as a single or in a group, ready to mingle and indulge in appetizing American cuisine. Visit for the history, but stay for the food. 


This is a shining local to get social with the competition. Use your knowledge of sports and tales of nostalgia as a discussion starter and impress anyone in ear’s distance. Relish in the choices of scrumptious starters, sandwiches, soups, and entrees. Dine-in or take your order to go if you happen to get lucky and meet your match amongst the many patrons studying the collections.

Hamburger Mary’s

“An open-air bar and grille for open-minded people,” Hamburger Mary’s is a popular venue and entertainment highlight for the LGTB community. Searching for a fabulous time and a yummy bite during your hook-up hunting ventures? On your way, stop by for the fresh, meaty burgers and a sequins studded drag show on the western edge.

Mary’s is a dazzling, fun place to bring prospective partners for a juicy lunch or dinner. Even if you come alone, find a hook-up in the audience of their “Dining with the Divas” show. The performances here are loud and proud, so come with total confidence and your personality on 100% to charm the room. They serve craft beer and specialized cocktails if you need to relax before chasing hot tail. If your scene is sexy and colorful, then do as they say and, “Eat, drink, and be Mary!”

No Other Pub

Come to play, and play to win at No Other Pub by Sporting KC. It is all about sports and games at this high-energy spot. Throw on your favorite team jersey, and swing by if you are a hungry football fan in the metropolitan area. 


This is also a smart and fun place to visit to meet someone if you are on a limited budget. There is a list of free activities to keep you on your toes while you search the locals for a personal connection. 


Watch all the professional and college games on their huge screens as you scan the room. Take advantage of the complimentary Wi-Fi and smartphone charging stations to stay updated on dating apps. Make sure those confirmation messages are always at your fingertips. Have a refreshing drink to remain cool. Enjoy a quick bite to gather your strength. You will need the energy to stay lively until you find the perfect person to put you to bed.

Harry’s Bar & Tables

Harry’s Bar & Tables is a special scene located in the heart of Westport. They have a unique selection of food and drink to savor. This is a wonderful place in town for those with distinct and eclectic tastes. It’s a mellow meeting point to seek out a diverse group of laid-back people from all walks of life, wanting to discuss life, the whiskey, or the weather. 


Visit Harry’s if you crave the company of sexy, inquisitive, intellectual minds. It is a lovely setting for anyone aroused by good conversation over a crisp glass of wine or sangria. And until you find your smart and stimulating hook-up, get comfortable with the super friendly staff. Get to know everyone and every drink at the bar. Share a serving of pulled pork nachos and a couple of dirty martinis. Sit back, relax and enjoy the warm atmosphere and classic American decor.

Experts talk about the use of anal beads

Although you probably didn’t think about it, the world of sex toys isn’t that different from other, somewhat normie industries. The thing is, you can enjoy pretty vanilla stuff like bullet vibrators and yummy lubes, but you can also play around with some more extreme toys. And when it comes to these next-level gadgets, it doesn’t get more pro than anal beads. No, not plugs — beads.

These toys are a series of shapes on a string that you can use for insertion and removal during anal play. They stimulate your sphincter muscles, upping your orgasms and sex in general. They can come in many shapes, but it’s safe to say that they’re mostly round, sphere-like. Anyway, let’s see what experts have to say about them, shall we?

They stimulate the erogenous zone in your anus

Namely, anal beads are pretty simple sex toys. They have one purpose, and like the classics they are, they accomplish it with ease. The whole point of these rectal gadgets on a string is to make your sex feel as dirty as ever. And by stimulating the rich erogenous zone inside your anus, they make for some unforgettable action.  Look at these anal beads from, and you’ll know how these beads can stimulate your anus with explosive sensations. 

Even if not as rich in nerves as your vagina or clitoris, your butt is still something you should stimulate during intercourse. By going in and out of your rear end, anal beads massage your sphincter muscles. And depending on their size, these rude boys can make you feel like an A-list porn star. But don’t take it from us. It’s what sex therapists have to say.

They’re not the same as a butt plug

It’s no shame to admit that you mistake beads for plugs from time to time. After all, they both go inside your anus, right? Well, that’s true and all, but allow us to explain the difference between these two types of toys. Don’t worry — it’s pretty simple. You’ll get the hang of it immediately.

Butt plugs are meant to go inside and stay there for some time, stretching your hole for further penetration. On the other hand, beads go in and out as fast as you want them. Their whole deal is to stimulate your rectum while you play with your vagina. Sure, lots of women enjoy plugs during vaginal intercourse too, but the whole point is to make your backdoor ready for what’s coming next.

Lube is key

When it comes to butt stuff, there’s no better advice than telling someone they will need lots of lubrication. The reason is that your anus doesn’t produce slippery body fluids like your vagina, meaning it’s pretty hard to penetrate it without tearing the rectal tissue along the way. Hence, using lots of lube is essential for a safe experience.

No matter if you’re going to play around with beads, plugs, or your partner’s penis, we suggest you get some water-based lube. Other types might seem more attractive, but in reality, they’re not the safest. Unlike them, water-based lube is harmless for everyone, and it will take care of all your needs in no time.

You probably want to do more than just using the beads

One of the great things about anal sex toys is that you can insert them and go about your day as usual. From doing your chores to watching TV, they will fill you up and make even the dullest of activities more pleasurable. However, you shouldn’t stop there.

The best way to make the most of anal beads is to incorporate them with other sexual acts and perversions. You should insert them while having regular intercourse or while you use a vibrator on your vagina. The double effect will help you experience a powerful orgasm that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

Silicone is a good option

Experts strongly suggest that you make sure that your anal beads come from safe materials. The thing is, not everyone will react the same to rubber or glass objects inside their body. Hence, they say that stainless steel and silicone anal beads are the best.

They’re both non-porous, meaning bacteria won’t be able to spread. But unlike silicone, newbies might see stainless steel as a bit more intimidating. And we get it. Steel is a shiny alloy that looks like something out of your doctor’s clinic. Still, they’re both high-quality and easy to clean after use.

You’ll have to choose between a rigid or soft strand

Most experts say that beginners face a difficult decision when choosing between soft and rigid types of anal beads. And even if soft seems like a smart call at first, it’s actually harder to insert. You need to press each bead to push it into your anus. The rigid ones are easier to place if you use the stopper at the end of the string.

Start slow

We all know that anal is a bit tricky to pull off at first. Reasons being that you’re not used to inserting something inside your backdoor. You use it regularly the other way around. Hence, every expert we know suggests that you should begin slowly.

This means that for newbies, it’s better to start outside the anal hole. Use beads by rubbing them slowly around your rectum, allowing it to relax. Once you feel ready, slowly insert the smallest of the bunch while taking a deep breath. If it begins to hurt, stop immediately and return to foreplay.

Do it on your own first

Another important thing to keep in mind is to try out beads on yourself before you introduce them to your partner. Why? Well, you should understand how they work, so that you can make the most of your time together. And while trying anal beads out, you’ll quickly get to figure what might be potentially uncomfortable for your lover.

Over-communicate when you use these with a partner

Like with any other form of sexual intercourse, it’s essential, to be honest with your partner. After all, communication is the basis of every successful relationship. And when it comes to anal beads, what feels good for you might feel off for them. So, experts say that both of you should speak up if something hurts or doesn’t feel right.

How to Use Anal Tools for your Sexual Fantasies

Anal balls are spheres of different diameters, connected in one chain. The size of the spheres depends on their location in the chain, the diameter of the balls increases as they approach the opposite end of the chain. Why use anal beads? Anal balls are intended for insertion into the anus. In skillful hands, this tricky design can bring great pleasure.

How to bring yourself pleasure with anal balls?

The chain is inserted into the anus by the side on which larger balls are placed. The introduction of the balls should be gradual and unhurried, the rectum needs to get used to a foreign object. Pleasure comes with the gradual removal of anal balls. When one of the balls comes out of the anus, it expands the sphincter – the annular muscles that lock the anus. After the release of the ball, the sphincter contracts, and then expands again under the pressure of the next. The alternating extensions and contractions of the sphincter are a source of pleasure. It is reliably proven to reach orgasm with the help of anal balls. However, do not expect a quick result. In order to learn to enjoy the use of the anal chain, you need to train for a long time but before you need to get one at loveplugs.

The use of anal balls

Sex practices with the use of anal balls require compliance with certain precautions. If the anal chain is used improperly, pain may occur or even injury to the rectum. First of all, it is worth remembering that the anal chain is an individual tool that you can not lend to anyone. Various diseases transmitted by sexual and domestic ways, can persist for a long time on the surface of the balls.

In order to eliminate the possibility of infection with various infections, it is necessary to wash the soap balls before using them. It is possible to apply an anal chain only with a large amount of lubricant; it is desirable to choose a lubricant with antibacterial properties. Without lubrication, the balls will be difficult to enter and exit through the anus.

If you have the slightest pain you should stop your actions. You can resume anal masturbation when the pain is completely gone. With strong pain it makes sense to call an ambulance.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which the anal balls are made. Silicone balls are safe for the body and pleasant to the touch, but they cannot be used with silicone grease, it spoils them. It is better not to use balls with a nylon connecting thread. It is difficult to launder such a thread; the probability of its breaking is not excluded. It is not necessary to use anal balls fastened with a nylon thread without a condom. Also a condom can be used to soften sensations. It is worth being very careful with the use of a chain if there is no limiter at its end. A chain that has collapsed into the rectum may have to be pulled into the hospital for the pleasure and preparation of the anus for anal sex.

Different sizes of balls allow you to find the right ones for you, even if you are new to this business. The smooth surface of the products greatly facilitates insertion and removal. Unique sensations from the penetration of balls into the anus will be a nice addition during preparation for anal sex.

How to use anal balls

The main rule for any sex toys:

They must be used with water-based or silicone-based lubricants.

This is especially important when practicing anal stimulation. Before using anal balls you need to completely relax and tune in to have fun. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the entire surface of the balls and the anus.

For beginners, it is best to use lubricants with an anesthetic and relaxing effect . Then gradually put the balls inside, without making any sudden movements. When the balls are inside the anus, you will feel a pleasant pressure on the prostate or the back wall of the vagina.

Lovers and professionals in anal stimulation can appreciate all the delights of practicing vaginal sex while the anal balls are inside you. From this feeling will be stronger and more powerful.

Anal beads: how to use

Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of 4-10 balls of the same or different diameter, which are connected in series with each other.

Mostly anal beads have a rather thin tip, which is great for beginners. The gradual expansion of the diameter of the balls allows you to enjoy every inch of penetration of the balls inside the anus. This toy is great for additional stimulation during sex, especially at the time of orgasm.

The rules for using anal beads are the same as for using anal balls. In this article we have tried to briefly tell you why anal balls are needed, how to use them, and what to do in order to get maximum pleasure from anal stimulation.

Why anal balls are needed and how to use them correctly

It has long been dreaming about experiments in bed, but do not know where to start? Miracle beads – anal balls will help to diversify the intimate life. Such a sex toy will open you new facets of pleasure and bring the offensive bright orgasm.

Why need anal balls

The sphincter is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of a person. Stimulation of the nerve endings of the anus brings incomparable pleasure to both women and men. The task of the anal balls is to stretch the muscles of the anus, preparing them for the introduction of a member or sex toys. In addition, the savory beads pleasantly excite, being an interesting element of the erotic game.

The balls connected by a thread or a flexible partition can be made of elastic or, on the contrary, solid materials. Depending on your preferences, in a sex shop or sex boutique you can buy beads made of silicone, plastic, gel, cyber leather and even metal. Most of all grateful responses about metal anal balls. Their weight is easy to hold, and the smooth texture provides a quick and painless introduction. Models quickly heat up to human body temperature. For experienced couples produce anal balls with vibration. By adjusting the speed of the pulsation with the remote control, you quickly reach the top of bliss.

How to enter anal balls

Having bought a toy in a proven store is sure to inspect it for the presence of sharp edges and chips. Make sure the balls are intact and stick tightly on the thread. Wash the product in warm water with soap and dry well. Be sure to treat the sphincter zone and the beads themselves with high-quality anal lubricant – this will ease the insertion and make it less painful. If necessary, you can additionally use lubricant and during the game.

Introducing anal beads is most convenient in the supine position. Bend your knees and completely relax. Excess speed is nothing to it, for the first time you should be patient. Some men and women like gentle caresses, others prefer hotter games. Agree in advance with your partner on how warmly he or she will remove the beads. In the future, you can experiment with your feelings and even try models with notches.

Beginners’ Guide to Introduing a Cock Ring to Your Partner

To bring anal sex pleasure, a lot of things were created. These include high-quality lubricants, excellent stimulants, comfortable souls, and even anal tunnels. Their use makes the process not only enjoyable, but also safe. Learn all about sex toys for anal sex that you want to repeat.

Of course, all these things are not mandatory for such a contact, you can do without them. But the use of such devices and compositions will help to make the closeness painless and comfortable. For example, lubricants completely relieve pain, and the right device for cleansing the intestines will help remove the tightness and uncomfortable moments.

Preparation devices for anal sex

How do you use cock ring plugs? Refusal of anal sex is often associated with uncertainty about the hygiene of this process. Fears of unpleasant odors or unaesthetic secretions can be a barrier to the experiment. But if the right approaches to solving this issue, everything goes without problems. In order not to worry, it is recommended to clean the intestines. It is enough to go to the toilet in advance, but if in doubt, it is worth doing a cleansing enema.

Anal shower: It is a pear that fills with water. Fluid through a special tip is inserted into the anus. Water rinses the small intestine, and anal sex is odorless and secretions for the procedure enough 200-300 ml of boiled water. The special form of the device allows you to clean in minutes, without much effort.

Anal tunnel: If you want to completely wash your body, you can use the anal tunnel. This is an anal plug with a hole. Through it, with the help of an anal shower, a liquid is injected, and it also comes out. You can repeat the procedure many times, seeking absolute purity. It is suitable anal tunnel and for the introduction of a lubricant inside. And this is a way to look inside the body, which is important in many games.

Required things for anal

In order for anal sex to bring only pleasant impressions, you should not forget about anal lubricants and contraceptives. Lubrication will help to avoid peace of mind, protect the delicate body from the effects, help slip.

It is worth remembering that it is not recommended to alternate between anal and vaginal sex without visiting the shower. Different micro flora can cause inflammation. But if you still want to change the immersion, wear another condom. For anal sex, there are special products that make intimacy brighter.

Lubricant for anal sex: Anal lubricants can be on a different basis. The silicone based version is always more economical. For anal sex, you can apply anesthetic lubrication options. Such compounds help to relax the sphincter, completely remove pain. Anesthetic lubricants begin to act 10-15 minutes after application, so they are applied in advance. Aromatic anal lubricants completely mask the smell. But the main function of the lubricant is to improve the slip, and this is ensured by any professional lubricant.

Condoms for anal sex: They make a little more durable than the classic options. Since the hole is narrower and the friction is stronger, they must withstand a greater load. At the same time, such contraceptives protect against infections and make the process even more hygienic.

Pleasant preparation for anal sex

Anal sex always begins with stretching the hole. It is a responsibility to approach this moment so that the process is pleasant, and not painful. For this, fingers are first introduced into the ass or special sex toys. As a rule, these are butt plugs having a comfortable size for starting.

Butt plugs: These are special-shaped devices that extend the anus. The conical shape allows you to stretch the body gently. Before the introduction of the tube lubricated with anal lubricant, and then injected with light rotational movements. It can be left in the body until further action, and you can immediately remove and move to a more active phase. The fullness in the area of ??the anus can enhance the feeling of vaginal sex, littoral stimulation. The use of plug and butt plugs is also recommended for masturbation.

Anal stimulants: Devices for making frictions. Often represent an elongated object with a limiter at the base. Can You can use before sex or instead. Immersion and extraction of sex toys gives massage sensations, but if you leave the toy inside while working in other erogenous zones, there will be a state of fullness, which also excites.

Anal toys for wearing: Used to get pleasure in the most unexpected places. This toy is simply placed in the body and sent to anywhere in the world. The device is invisible under clothing. If it is on the remote control and with vibration – movement can be connected at any time. But even without additional functions, the anal stimulator will give a feeling of fullness and slight excitement.

Strengthening sensations during anal sex

After proper preparation, you can proceed to action but how to make anal sex more interesting and sensual? You can supplement it with new techniques or unusual sensations. Products from our sex shop also help in this:

Sex toys for anal fisting: The anus can be stretched to large sizes. Gradual expansion gives a feeling on the verge of pleasure and pain. You can give such emotions with your hands, but it is much better to use special sex toys with a large diameter. To keep the movements smooth and safe, do not forget about the special lubricant for fisting.

Expanding anal stimulants: Enjoyable expansion can give increasing toys. At the time of introduction into the anus, they are small, but then air is pumped into them, and the volume of the device becomes 30-100% larger. This significantly increases the diameter, which causes new experiences. The size of the toy can be controlled, at any time it will be reduced.

Vibration: Anal sex toys with vibration – a godsend for lovers of stimulation of the anus. Different modes gently affect the erogenous zones and cause violent orgasms. Vibration is interesting for both men and women. Both anal plugs and anal stimulators are often equipped with this function. And the more modes, the more interesting the subject to use. Control is possible on the device itself, on the remote control or even using a smart phone.

Electro stimulation of the anus: Light electric shocks are nice from the strength of the impact of changing feelings. In the first modes you feel something like a tickle, then tingling. And if you increase the strength, then the body will be pierced by light blows, which will cause tension to the muscles that are responsible for orgasms. Buy anal sex toys with electro stimulation possible today. These things are made of elegant materials that are pleasant to hold. And experiences with such things will be remembered for a long time, they will definitely want to repeat.

Rimming: This is oral petting anus. Performed with lips and tongue, but you can experience these sensations with the help of special sex toys. It is able to give a similar feeling. Vibration in the device is distributed very correctly, and all movements really resemble caress language.

Lubricants with special effect: During anal sex, a warming or cooling lubricant can be used. Special components affect the body so that the usual actions seem more enjoyable. Such lubricant is relevant for those who want to try something new in bed. It is interesting to add more exciting composition. This is also a lubricant, but they cause a rush of blood to the erogenous zones, which also changes the experience in the process.

4 Best Ways to Use Butt Plugs in Bed

Buttplugs for punishmentis a design development embodied in 100% quilted glass. We chose a medium size cork because it fits both beginner and advanced. And because it can be used as a solo for anal stimulation, and during other, more traditional sex games and alone with yourself and with a partner.

This model is available in 2 colors, purple and green. We chose green because it is a rather rare color for sex toys and we wanted to replenish our collection with such a beautiful and original thing.


The package is a small cardboard box with a discreet and stylish design. On the front of the image of the cork itself, on the sides of the transparent windows through which it can be seen. Moreover, the windows on both sides, they are well transmitted light and choosing you can admire the modulations and the refraction of color in the traffic jam. The unique play of light and color is one of the reasons why we like glass toys.

On the reverse side there is an inscription in several languages ??that the cork is made of hygienically safe 100% glass of silicate, in case anyone has any doubts. Opening the box, we find a foam rubber gasket so that the cork does not get damaged during transportation; the same gasket is visible at the bottom, under the base of the cork.

By the way, a wonderful New Year’s gift – beautiful, high-quality, in the spirit of a holiday and every time, experiencing the pleasure with it, you will be remembered with gratitude. Very long, because glass is one of the most durable materials for sex toys.

Crystal NS Novelties Middle Anal Plug Size

We take out the cork and understand that it is gorgeous! Smooth cool glass, amazingly elegant shape, great tactile sensations. It is quite tiny for traditional medium-sized traffic jams.

Positive and negative aspects of anal sex

Today, having anal sex is of great importance in the intimate relationships of many couples. Young couples have long ceased to perceive anal sex as something indecent and immoral. However, anal sex has both pros and cons, which you need to know before you decide to try to do just that kind of sex.

Pluses anal sex

Sooner or later, sex in the intimate life of a married couple becomes trivial and uninteresting. In order to diversify their “bed” life and bring in bright colors, couples begin to experiment. Anal sex is able to bring diversity to the familiar intimate life of a couple and regain lost interest in sex through absolutely new sensations.

Even if couples practice anal sex, they do it, as a rule, extremely rarely. Therefore, for many couples, anal sex is a real “delicacy” that both a man and a woman look forward to.

Not every girl will decide to entrust even her beloved man her anus. Therefore, if your partner agrees to anal sex, then she trusts you and you should appreciate it.

  • Having anal sex you cannot think about contraceptives, because in this case, pregnancy is excluded
  • Anal sex can be practiced even during menstrual bleeding, pregnancy and various gynecological diseases.
  • Anal sex is most often present in couples in which a girl does not wish to lose virginity before entering into legal marriage. And the pleasure of anal sex, she gets no worse than any other type of sex.
  • The size of the penis is not important, since all the main excitation zones of the rectum are located at the entrance. Because of this, in order to satisfy the girl does not require deep penetration.
  • Anal sex does not allow blood to stagnate in the pelvic organs, so girls, who often practice this kind of sex, do not have hemorrhoids.

Cons of anal sex

Many women and men consider anal sex to be disgusting and vile. Therefore, if you belong to this category of citizens, it is better not to try anal sex, because you cannot fully relax, and, therefore, do not get pleasure.

Often, anal sex gives the girl only pain, because of which she can once and for all refuse this type of sex. To prepare for this kind of sex, you can buy a butt plug or tail plug in our love plugs sex shop where you can pick popular butt plug brands and prepare for anal sex without pain.

  • If improperly preparing for anal sex penetration, for this pick lubricant for anal sex, can cause anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and even prolapse of the rectum.
  • Anal sex cannot protect you from sexually transmitted infections.
  • Frequent anal sex threatens to stretch the sphincter and further problems with defecation.
  • Sex shop Oasis of Love wishes you a good sex and new sensations.

Anal plugs for wearing

Feel fullness in the anus can not only during intimacy. Butt plugs can be used at any time, and pleasant experiences will accompany you at work, on a walk or in the gym.

Butt plug for wearing is necessary for those who like to feel a little excited at any time. It can be worn in the body for several hours without a break, enjoying the fullness. With each movement, it will be felt in the body, but it will not create discomfort. The special form does not interfere with the movements.

Butt plug and its benefits

Options for anal stimulators for wearing are very diverse. Their size may vary. But the limiter is small. It has an anatomical shape and is conveniently placed between the buttocks. At the same time, no parts of sex toys stick out, so that no one would guess what is hiding under clothes.

Butt plugs are suitable for use by both men and women. But for the strong half there are models that stimulate the prostate. A special bend concerns the gland and presses it slightly. The sensations are pleasant. This massage is an excellent prevention of prostatitis and a way to strengthen the potency at any age.

The material of traffic jams is always gentle and pleasant to the touch. Silicone models can be worn in the body for up to 6 hours without a break. PVC options – no more than 3 hours.

We buy butt plug

To feel the fullness, buy a classic shape cork. It will be felt at any time: in the gym, on a walk, at work. But such a thing is noticeable during the movements. In the stillness is almost not felt.

The variant with a large relief or different diameter is felt more intense. For example, it is impossible to forget about anal balls. A pronounced massage effect is ideal for intense stimulation. A variant with a curved nose for prostate massage.

Sleeves for wearing with vibration are an opportunity to even experience an orgasm in a crowded place. But it is more convenient to buy a sex toy that is controlled from a remote control or from a smartphone. Then it can be included at any time. If the control is on the device itself, then in order to reach the power button, you will have to retire.

With remote control, you can experiment with a partner. The console should be trusted with your loved one, and let him control the intensity of movements in the ass. This can be a very bright game and an exciting prelude.

Buy butt plug for wearing in our store. We have collected quality options with a nice price. All models are safe to use. Delivery is carried out in any part of USA, the delivery is completely anonymous.

6 Best Ways on Using an Anal Douche

Anal care with the help of anal douche is conducive to the health and hygiene of each person. Anal douche are mostly used to keep clean for anal intercourse. Since they clean only a small part of the rectum, unlike the intestinal inlet, the application is simple and pleasant. But not only is the upcoming anal sex reason to indulge in an anal shower, but it also has a positive effect on your health. So it can be used as a proven remedy for constipation and bring relief in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It also works with irritation in the anal area, caused by stool residues.

The benefits of anal rinse

An anal lavage is not intended exclusively for people who consider it as part of their sexual life. It also has a permanent place in medicine. A gentle, properly performed anal care is not least a prerequisite for a healthy anal area, which in turn makes a contribution to the intestinal health. Malaise or small tears (anal fissures) can be treated successfully with the help of an anal shower. The prerequisite is that you approach with the necessary caution. The Anal douches are built so that there is no risk of injury. Click here to learn how to make your own home made anal douches.

The use for the purpose of cleaning before anal sex

Anal sex can be an exciting and enjoyable experience for both the woman and the man. The anal shower belongs to the simple equipment of lovers of anal sex. It cleans the rectum before the union and thus ensures cleanliness and hygiene. Thus, related fears and concerns can be eliminated, and the relaxed pleasure experience is no longer contrary. Since the intestine has no natural lubricating film, the anal douche should only be used together with a water-soluble lubricating cream. This protects the sensitive area of ??the anus from injury and allows safe after-cleaning. Best way to anal douche is therefore practical care products that guarantee cleanliness and hygiene during anal intercourse and offer a perfect preparation for lovemaking.

The application of anal cleansing against constipation

An anal shower can also be used to regulate bowel movement in case of constipation. The warm body water stimulates the movement of the intestine and the constipation can be solved. Here, however, only small amounts of liquid should be used. The taps are designed to hold no more than 200 – 300 milliliters of water, so you cannot go wrong.

The anal care against inflammation, burning and itching

Originally, anal douche was used exclusively in the healing field. In the anal canal, at the end of the digestive process, stool residues form, which can influence the well-being? Thus, these residues can cause numerous complaints depending on the consistency of the chair. They range from uncomfortable feelings, to inflammation and irritation, to anal fissures, anal itching and the associated pain.

A thorough anal cleansing using an anal shower prevents many of these problems and can help to eliminate them. The cleaning of the rectum of stool remains is not only a matter of personal hygiene, but also counteracts the development of inflammation in the anal area. The result is a strong sense of cleanliness that cannot be achieved by using only toilet paper.

The use of the anal douche for concomitant treatment of hemorrhoids

The anal douche can also be used for the concomitant treatment of hemorrhoids. Due to this, the entire anal area is affected and should therefore be cleaned and maintained very gently. Excessive rubbing and wiping with toilet paper should be avoided at all costs. After using the toilet, a careful cleaning with the anal shower can instead be carried out. The stool remnants, which additionally irritate the hemorrhoids, are thus removed and the rectum is gently cleansed. It is important to then carefully dry and cream the area.

How does the anal shower work?

For reasons of hygiene, water is flushed through the anus by means of an anal shower in order to clean the rectum. This water is then excreted again so that stool remnants are removed in a particularly gentle manner. This process is repeated two to three times until the separated liquid is clean and as clear as possible. When using lukewarm water, the muscles are relaxed and cleaning thus works easily. The application of the anal douche works very easy. Even inexperienced people should not have any trouble performing the anal cleansing because the devices are simply constructed. If a few simple rules are followed, the application is a thoroughly clean and simple matter. The use of only clean water should be a matter of course, as well as the testing of the temperature before the application of the anal douche. Finally, it is necessary to optimally adjust the angle of the body for insertion of the anal douche in order to avoid pain and injury and to ensure maximum functionality.

Why the anal shower is the best anal care

The Anal Shower is used for gentle anal cleansing not only for analysts, but also for health and hygiene-conscious people. When used properly, this simple device gently cleans the rectum. A thorough and gentle anal care not only serves to increase the well-being, but it exerts a very positive influence on the personal inflammatory situation in the anal region. Thus, the anal douche realizes high hygiene standards, which has a positive effect on the health of the user because a cleaning with toilet paper does not meet the requirements of a sustainable anal cleansing under any circumstances.

Sufficient anal care is still one of the basic requirements for the healing of tiny injuries, fissures and inflammation. The area of ??the anus should be showered regularly, but especially after every bowel movement, with warm water to the outside. For an anal shower is ideal. If you follow the instructions of the anal douche, you cannot go wrong. Soon you will be able to convince yourself of the pleasant feelings that hygienic cleanliness entails.

The application of the anal shower

Before the anal shower is used for the first time, it should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water. Only when it is ensured that the anal douche is scrupulously clean can the application be started without hesitation.

First, the bellows must be filled with lukewarm water. You can use different procedures for this. For the time being, a bowl is filled with water, in which then the tip of the anal douche is held with the cap pressed in. Lukewarm water is ideally between 34 and 36 degrees. Slowly letting go of the balloon attachment develops suction and filling yourself. Of course, the anal douche can also be filled right under the tap. To do this, first remove the tip and hold the bellows under the water. The main thing in both variants is that the temperature is right.

Before inserting the tip of the anal douche and the anus are rubbed with a suitable lubricating cream to facilitate the introduction. It is recommended to perform the anal lavage on the toilet in slightly bent forward position. This is the appropriate angle for easy insertion.

7 Types of Anal Beads for Beginners and Pros

When you want to use sex toys for the first time, it can be very difficult to make a choice from different types of anal beads. There are countless many species! If you do not know what to look for when buying a sex toy, we can give you a helping hand.

Vibrators for Beginners

Most women find it easier to get an orgasm through clitoral stimulation; therefore the vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys. A vibrator emits vibrations that stimulate the nerves of your clitoris and vagina. As for newbies you probably need a beginner’s training kit to make full use of the sex toy. That eventually leads to a highlight.

There are hundreds of different vibrators. The best known is the tarzan vibrator. This toy has a shaft that you must insert vaginally, but also the model has a small protrusion that comes against your clitoris and vibrates. So with the tarzan you have double stimulation (vaginal and clitoral). Often such a vibrator has multiple vibration modes so you can figure out what you like.

The best beginner vibrator

Do not go for a too expensive vibrator or a vibrator with lots of bells and whistles. You must experience what suits you. That is why experts recommend the Lily vibrator from Online Only. This tarzan is advantageous in price, made of soft silicone and is pliable. The curved head also stimulates your g-spot. In short; an excellent vibrator is to start with.

More vibrators

If you do not see the Lily completely, you can of course choose a Tarzan vibrator yourself. But if a Tarzan does not appeal to you, there are many other species. Popular (beginners) vibrators include g-spot vibrators and mini vibrators.

Dildos for Beginners

A dildo does not vibrate, unlike a vibrator. Dildos are perfect for anyone who likes more vaginal stimulation. When you keep a dildo a little slanted, the g-spot can also be stimulated. But there are also dildos with a curved head that are specially made to massage this area internally.

Our dildo choice for beginners

Popular dildo types are the realistic and the glass dildos. The realistic dildos look like a real penis. There are many different types, sizes and colors (skin color). You can even choose from different types of acorns and the extent to which veins cross the shaft. If you want to buy a realistic dildo as a beginner, experts recommend the 12 cm long realistic dildo from King Cock. This model starts out narrow and is somewhat thicker at the bottom. It is economical and looks very realistic because of the veins on the shaft. Glass dildos are also good to start with because they are made of smooth, safe and clean material. Moreover, they are easy to warm up or cool for use. That can be fun to play with! A nice first glass dildo is Curved Glass Dildo. He looks very nice and has a not too big size. Ideal to start with!

The Big Dildo Quiz – Ladies special!

The prospect of anal games can be a bit scary. But once you get over that fear and you realize that the whole area is full of nerve endings that like to be teased and stimulated, you never look back! There are three types of anal toys: anal beads, anal dildos or vibrators and butt plugs.

Anal beads

Anal beads are probably the best to start with because they are easy to use, gradually become slightly larger and do not look intimidating! Anal dildos, however, offer more intense sensations and butt plugs give you an incredibly sexy, full-bodied feeling. It is important that you use lubricant (on all models) to avoid pain and discomfort. Do you prefer to try anal beads? Then you can best choose the Easy Toys Anal Collection black anal beads. With this model, the beads start small and become bigger and bigger so that your anus can slowly be stretched.

Butt plug sets

When you first want to start with anal sex toys, a butt plug set is certainly not the wrong choice. When you feel more for a butt plug, the Easy Toys Anal Collection butt plug set with pull ring is recommended. These models are easy to hold and have 3 different sizes. Always start with the smallest; if you want to go further you can take a bigger size.

Anal vibrator

Finally you can also start with an anal vibrator. A toy with a narrow top like the Vibrating curve from Anal Fantasy is a good anal vibrator to start with. The vibrations relax the muscles of your anus and make it easier to insert the toy! In addition, the G-spot or the prostate can also be stimulated with the curved tip.

A final tip

Whichever toy you choose, always make sure that you choose a toy that is specifically designed for the anus. These sex toys always have a ring, flat bottom or other form of a stop. This way the toy cannot come in. Because say it yourself; no one has the desire to sit with the GP after such an adventure!

Cock Ring for Beginners

You use a cock ring to make your erections harder. This makes your penis more sensitive to touch. A cock ring can also be pleasant for your partner. Especially the vibrating versions! They work as follows: put the cock ring around your (starting) erection and slide it all the way to the base. The blood in your erection can not flow back with a cock ring and is retained in the penis causing it to swell, resulting in more sensitivity and a stronger erection!

What you can best start with

As a beginner you can try the 6-piece Cock ring Set from Boners very well. The set consists of rings of three different sizes. They are made of flexible silicone so the rings always fit you. If you are looking for a vibrating cock ring for yourself or to use with your partner, we recommend the Fifty Shades or Gray Cock ring . This too is made of stretchable silicone and inexpensive to purchase. The vibrations stimulate her clitoris and also for the man the vibrations are pleasant.

The size of the cock ring

There are countless types of penis rings. In addition to the silicone variants, there are rings made of metal, rubber and leather. Before purchasing, always think of measuring your penis thickness so you can buy a ring in the right size.

Masturbators For Beginners

It often happens that large groups of men in pubs laugh at masturbation attachments, but we guarantee that at least one of them has a Flesh light or a Tenga Egg in his bedside table! There is no reason to be ashamed: they are fun, offer great pleasure and can be easily stored away when you do not use them. Masturbators are proof that sex toys are not just for women.

How to Enjoy BDSM and Submission

The impact of Fifty Shades of Gray has enlivened numerous couples in room exercises, however BDSM specialists alert that there is some data you should know about before receiving such strategies in the couple.

Sexual practices dependent on holding and immobilizing partner, control, submission and sadomasochism are increasing increasingly prevalence, and five domineers give you traps to enable you to appreciate this obsession securely. Some people find the use of penis plugs hot and more exciting. The enthusiastic application of such dreams has started debate far and wide, and now uncovers the exhortation of BDSM specialists. As indicated by the application, in case you pursue these tips, any couple can begin experience on the BDSM without an excess of cerebral pains.

Get instructions ahead of time

To the extent BDSM methods are concerned, Nina Hartley, an accomplished grown-up performing artist, sex and slave spouse advocate, cautions that “hence it goes well, it tricks well. Be that as it may, when it turns out badly, the circumstance turns out to be awful more regrettable than you squint. Along these lines, while BDSM practices can offer unusual delights, Nina prescribes that partners get instructions before setting out on this street. For the fact that Anal sex not just for perverts anymore this is important. To enjoy BDSM you should be equipped with the right tool and toys, just like how loveplugs hooked us in with their awesome anal hooks, quality and fancy toys that surely everyone will be fond to have.

Pick a guide as a tutor

Simone Justice, an educator of the calling, prescribes finding a guide to show you the BDSM rehearses. Perfect is to take in the entrancing and some of the time “grisly” insider facts of the BDSM world.

He regards his own account of self esteem

Every individual has particular needs as far as sexual fulfillment. Courtesan Gabrielle, the proprietor of The Fetish Palace, one of the best detainees for such obsessions, calls attention to that everybody has the energetic wants that formed her sexuality.

When you enter this world you should know exceptionally well those dreams that mix you up and utilize them with the goal that you pick the correct methods between BDSM rehearses.

You need to know your sex story extremely a long time before you begin. Paramour Gabrielle offers the accompanying inquiry as the preeminent contention for these tips: In case you don’t recognize what energizes you, how might you anticipate that another person will do that.

Be receptive and given it a chance to fly

Special lady Snow Mercy, a teacher and educator of BDSM, encourages partners to be open and to attempt distinctive exercises with other individuals at first. Everybody has their very own style in the BDSM world, so on the off chance that you don’t care for being screwed over thanks to a man’s face, it doesn’t imply that this training cannot be charming on the off chance that you attempt it with another person.

Submission does not mean you are feeble

To wrap things up, sexlogits, reminds the individuals who are at first on this street that they should not set aside the idea of acquiescence, since it isn’t proportional to a proof of shortcoming. With a noteworthy movie in progress and three books that have beaten best-merchant records for quite a long time, 50 Shades of Gray has surprised the world. The book and its continuations by E.L. James have been credited for bringing BDSM into the standard, yet what precisely is BDSM?

Your psyche may consequently move to outrageous thoughts, for example, add up to control trade (more about TPE), yet BDSM just must be as bad-to-the-bone as you need it to be. For instance, you as of now take part in subjugation in case you’ve at any point set your partner into fluffy handcuffs or have been blindfolded. One of the delights of BDSM is figuring out what you’re keen on and possibly notwithstanding pushing those limits, and numerous couples may rehearse less extraordinary BDSM exercises more much of the time than the outrageous ones.

BDSM Misuse

Before we get any further, we need to clear up that BDSM isn’t mishandled. The key distinction is assent. BDSM exercises may incorporate harming somebody; however they’re wanted and assented to by the two gatherings. What’s more, the two gatherings profit by it. While an agreeable may seem weak, this isn’t the situation as he or she can utilize a protected word whenever to stop a scene.

BDSM isn’t just about a best or prevailing utilizing an accommodating for their pleasure; despite the fact that, it can in some cases look that route all things considered. An overwhelming has duty regarding their agreeable wellbeing. Indeed, a few people pressure that a scene that includes harming somebody should not hurt them in either the short or long haul. Security and common agree are key to the BDSM people group.

Much of the time, assent is evident well before any BDSM scene starts. Arrangement frequently incorporates safe words, which you’ll find out about later, and exercises that you’re not intrigued by. A man who declines to arrange or overlooks those assertions may be an abuser, yet misuse isn’t a component of BDSM when all is said in done. Luckily, those individuals in BDSM regularly pay special mind to one another and give direction and, in a few circumstances, securities from individuals like that.

The Appeal of BDSM

Despite the fact that BDSM probably won’t be misuse, regardless it probably won’t be something that interests to you, so for what reason are individuals into it?

Sex specialist placed that BDSM and the jobs played may be a type of idealism in his book Tell Me What You Want. His overview of Americans and their dreams revealed that while a few people do savor surrendering control and obligation from their everyday lives to be an accommodating, this generalization isn’t as established as you may anticipate. Individuals do appear to fantasize about BDSM as an approach to get away from their feeling of self, in any case.

We’ve just exposed the generalization of BDSM being just for the prevailing. Essentially, individuals once trusted that S&M was something that for the most part men were keen on and ladies basically obliged. Some contended that BDSM could be sexist commonly of the jobs. We know now this absence of enthusiasm among ladies is a fantasy also. Unquestionably, the reverberating prevalence of the erotica arrangement Fifty Shades of Gray (and the accomplishment of the Hollywood depictions that pursued) demonstrate that ladies can be similarly as into BDSM as men.

Different reasons individuals may be pulled in to BDSM incorporate trading power, trying different things with oddity, and encountering more serious sex. A few people trust that BDSM can build association, which may spell uplifting news for your sentimental and additionally sexual relationship. Other experience a feeling of opportunity from their BDSM exercises.

Furthermore, BDSM includes a similar compound mixed drink of sex. Dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline all assume a job. As you’ll see when we talk about the investigation of BDSM, hormones, for example, cortical and endorphins assume particular jobs when a couple is themselves pretending in the room.

What are the Health Benefits of Prostate Massage?

Many men find a gentle prostate massage extremely stimulating; after all, the prostate is considered the secret G-spot of the man. Prostate stimulation works best with a finger or anal toy massage.

The prostate massage alone is already an intense emotional experience for many men. Masturbates man additionally the penis or he has sex while the prostate is massaged, intensifies the breathtaking feeling and often leads to even more intense climaxes. An intense climax using prostate massager can improve testosterone levels. Of course, each person responds differently to stimulation, and anal prostate massage may not be for everyone. This is normal, as most people have to get used to the sensation and the anal stimulation.

The right entry into the subject of anal sex, including a step-by-step guide, you will find in our article: anal sex for beginners. There are also several ways to massage the man’s G point. Not only over the anus but also from the outside at the dam. So, just try! We show how to do it.

This is how you find the prostate

The prostate is an accessory sex gland, which has the task of producing a secretion that mixes with the sperm. In this way, the sperm’s pH is raised in order to increase the chances of survival during sex and to promote fertilization. The man’s prostate is also called prostate gland. It is located below the urinary bladder and surrounds part of the urethra. Best homemade prostate massagers are there to help you out.

Where is the prostate in the man?

The approximately chestnut-sized gland can be easily felt over the rectum with a finger. The G point of the man is about 5-7 cm in the anus on the anterior intestinal wall, ie towards the abdominal wall. With a slightly curved finger, which points with its underside to the navel, the prostate can be palpated.

With a finger or tongue, the anus is easily massaged from the outside, so that the partner can adjust to the feeling – you take the finger to help, already give some lubrication gel on the anus, so you gently penetrate with your finger gradually can.

Proper preparation for prostate massage

First, dedicate yourself to his perineum – the area between the testicles and the anus: gentle stroking or pressing excites and relaxes. During the foreplay with the partner, he can also orally stimulate the exterior of the anus.

Instructions for prostate massage

The prostate combines a variety of nerve endings, which makes the anal stimulation so intense. Man can pamper himself as well as be stimulated by the partner that means with his fingers or during sex. However, prostate massage works best with an anal toy or a curved finger. There are two ways to massage the prostate – direct and indirect massage. The indirect is practiced over the perineum, while the direct is done inside the anus with the fingers or a sex toy. We use loveplugs and we recommend their prostate massagers having a highly positive feedback from its customers, no doubt it will suffice your needs.

Thanks to its slim shape, it is particularly easy to introduce anal. Its two stimulation arms pamper the prostate simultaneously – directly from inside and indirectly over the perineum. Through powerful vibrations, the pleasure experience is additionally enhanced and ensures lively pleasure.

The indirect prostate massage

Indirect massage of the prostate is done at the dam. The gland is located, seen from the outside, directly behind the testicles. Many men have a hairless area at the point where the prostate lies.

With the fingers, this region can be easily pressed, rubbed, caressed and massaged. Crawling with the fingertips can also trigger intense emotions. Meanwhile the penis and testicles can be stimulated with the other hand. For the external prostate massage, a few finger vibrators are also an aid for even more intense feelings.

The direct prostate massage

In addition to the indirect massage on the perineum, the prostate can also be stimulated inside the anus. The gland is separated by the thin membrane of the intestinal wall. The foreskin to the prostate is best suited fingers or an anal toy. Of course, the man’s G-spot can be reached during sex by penetrating the penis.

Fingers and anal toys

Once the point has been felt, the gland can be circled with light pressure from the fingertip. Alternately repeatedly exerts light pressure directly on the prostate or pushes with permanent force and varies the intensity. With a prostate toy, anal dildo or butt plug , the prostate can also be easily reached. If the anus is already well prone, a second finger may also be included in the game. So the prostate can be taken between the index and middle finger and massaged with a little pressure. He purchased from loveplugs, the anal toys stated above, including anal hooks which the friend of mine finds so good quality wise and price to performance base on the other products that you can find in the market today.

Milking the prostate

The prostate can be massaged by the partner at the same time directly and indirectly, while the massaged doing self-satisfied. The stimulation experience can be extremely intense.

In connection with prostate massage is often the term of milking. This means that seminal fluid escapes through the prostate stimulation, although man has no orgasm. Prostate massage reduces the pressure in the seminal vesicle and prostate, resulting in the effect of ejaculation without orgasm . So this massage technique can cause the climax is delayed.

Prostate massage aid: To prepare

Anal penetration whether with a finger, a toy or during sex, should never happen without a lubricant, as the anus, unlike the vagina, cannot produce its own moisture. Special Anal Lubricants therefore provide sufficient moisture for relaxed prostate massages.

Anal toys for prostate massage: There are so-called prostate massagers that massage the prostate from the inside with vibrations and a specially curved shaft.

Most of these anal toys also have another stimulation arm, which massages the perineum from the outside. Double fun is so inevitable.

Hygiene after Prostate Massage

Following orgasm, the stimulator should be gently and slowly pulled out the anus is now particularly sensitive) and thoroughly cleaned with a little soap and water. For disinfection especially for anal toys also a special toy cleaner can be used.

Electroshock Butt Plugs and How to Use Them

Hello, darling! We are here with our sex shop constantly talking about the butts of the anal plug. Well, what do you think about this? People call for plugs plugs and even do not understand their purpose. But we will tell you why, where (although you already know where), how and if you should do it at all. For in fact, from the anal plug you can get a number of buzz and buns, which you did not even know! Intrigued? Then read our guide. He (guide) is suitable for both boys and girls. As anal plug, however) So, let’s start with the fact that anal plugs are very different. And the choice of the model also depends on the application.

Anal stimulants can be divided into main groups:

  • To prepare for anal sex (when I took out the cork – I inserted a member)
  • For beginners (to develop anus)
  • Finger imitating cork, for beginners
  • Beauty cork (with a stone, pattern or tail)
  • Cork for additional stimulation (imitation of double penetration)
  • Cork with vibration for pleasure (and both and with partner sex)
  • herringbone plugs or with a relief to extract at the peak of an orgasm
  • plugs with a pear, heavy metal plugs or drop-down plugs for a mega fullness
  • Plugs with holes (anal tunnels) for fetish and bdsm
  • Plugs with a ring for member for The man
  • Corks with a curved tip to stimulate the prostate.

How does the electroshock butt plug work? Based on the types and formats of corks, you probably already saw at least several different ways to use them. So let’s go in order.

Cork to prepare for anal sex

This is the most common use of anal plug. It is especially relevant for those who are just beginning to practice anal sex. When the anus seems to have already been adapted a bit and the pain is moderate or almost does not bother, but the introduction of the penis is still a little difficult.

Half an hour or an hour before anal sex (it can be longer if the cork is light, with a rounded end, a convenient stopper, and there is a moral readiness to wear it for so long) the cork is slightly smeared (slightly!) and inserted into the ass. Then – free time, do business, work, watch a movie, cook dinner, drink wine, it does not matter. Cork in you and ass slightly stretched thanks to her. When ass is used to traffic, you can go to anal sex.

Affection, massage, foreplay, petting, even vaginal sex – do it while the cork stays there. As soon as both of you are ready for anal sex (you and your partner, or you and your ass), the cork is removed and a member comes in quite easily. He seems to be replacing her in the already slightly stretched anus, so that no one experiences any particular discomfort before sex. The same procedure can be done before the introduction of a dildo or stimulant anally. Works equally well. For this method, lightweight (made of silicone, PVC, TPE, latex) corks are drop-shaped, with a slightly rounded tip, extending towards the base.

Cork to develop anus

Suppose, in theory, you have thoughts about anal sex. But somehow there were no experiments in this area, well, the maximum finger in the ass was inserted in a fit of passion, and then somehow … not that it hurt, just in a hurry and not really gone. Everything is strange and incomprehensible. Ideal – try the anal plug.

First, you can experiment with it at home alone, so that, without haste, enter it in the ass and listen to your feelings. You can turn on porn, generously pour all the grease , drink brandy for courage. Insert, walk, lie down, maybe even sit, jump, squeeze and crack the cork inside,take out, examine – what the ass looks like, whether the cork has got dirty, whether I want to run to the toilet. (usually in the first times almost nothing happens, or quite a bit … well, production costs, everything is easy to clean, but if you’re quite shy, choose black silicone plugs, nothing is noticeable on them) In short, one, two, three experiments at home – and it seems possible to have a favorite with a cork.

Secondly, even if you are not yet ready to replace the cork with a member, the kind of cork in the ass can a man, in principle, cause. Like, here, look, I responsibly approach the question. And this is an additional stimulation for you during vaginal sex.

The vagina, when something is in the anus, becomes narrower, and the sensation of sex is brighter. Again, you can try at home alone – with a stopper in the ass and a vibrator in the pussy. Gone? Change any toy on man! You will like it, I guarantee. Well, and this is a little imitation of double penetration.

Cork for the FIRST TIME (or to simulate a finger)

Not everyone, having tried anal sex, become his ardent fans. Well, so happened. Someone stops at the level of “finger” stimulation.

For the sake of hygiene and safety, we recommend replacing your finger with a special stimulator of similar length and diameter. The diameter here is the most important component. Even such stimulants are suitable for the very first (first-first) times, when there was nothing at all in the ass and never, except for what was supposed to be there by nature.

And such small “finger” plugs like men – as an additional stimulation of the anus, if you have not decided to massage the prostate, or during a blow job as a seasoning to the main dish.Why put a manicured finger in his ass when there is a whole bunch of wonderful thin stimulants?

Cork for beauty

Decorate your ass – it is also very important. In men, aesthetes or hunters wake up, and if you “catch” them on a wonderful cork – you can be sure that sex is waiting for you unforgettable. And what can I say, still say that you yourself do not like.

There are a lot of beautiful traffic jams.

Anal jewelry or cork with pebbles and crystals: Sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow. Poured. Very sticky!

Most often, these plugs are made of glass or metal, but there are also silicones. Keep in mind that all the traffic jams with stone are quite weighty and heavy.

Corks with pebbles are often sold in wonderful velvet bags or beautifully designed boxes, so this is also a great idea for an un-personal gift!) You can be anything you want. It looks just awesome especially if you pick up a suit in the subject. For example, you are a very cute and erotic hare, your cork is with a fluffy short hare’s tail. The image is complete!

Or you are a kitty, we have a cat tail! If you’re a wolf, we have wolf tails as well. And if today you are a tough and sexy kitty, then there is a cork with a tail made of rope, with which you can spank your partner. If you’re into kinky role play and interested in these fancy tails, Loveplugs is where you should be looking at.