How to Use Anal Tools for your Sexual Fantasies

Anal balls are spheres of different diameters, connected in one chain. The size of the spheres depends on their location in the chain, the diameter of the balls increases as they approach the opposite end of the chain. Why use anal beads? Anal balls are intended for insertion into the anus. In skillful hands, this tricky design can bring great pleasure.

How to bring yourself pleasure with anal balls?

The chain is inserted into the anus by the side on which larger balls are placed. The introduction of the balls should be gradual and unhurried, the rectum needs to get used to a foreign object. Pleasure comes with the gradual removal of anal balls. When one of the balls comes out of the anus, it expands the sphincter – the annular muscles that lock the anus. After the release of the ball, the sphincter contracts, and then expands again under the pressure of the next. The alternating extensions and contractions of the sphincter are a source of pleasure. It is reliably proven to reach orgasm with the help of anal balls. However, do not expect a quick result. In order to learn to enjoy the use of the anal chain, you need to train for a long time but before you need to get one at loveplugs.

The use of anal balls

Sex practices with the use of anal balls require compliance with certain precautions. If the anal chain is used improperly, pain may occur or even injury to the rectum. First of all, it is worth remembering that the anal chain is an individual tool that you can not lend to anyone. Various diseases transmitted by sexual and domestic ways, can persist for a long time on the surface of the balls.

In order to eliminate the possibility of infection with various infections, it is necessary to wash the soap balls before using them. It is possible to apply an anal chain only with a large amount of lubricant; it is desirable to choose a lubricant with antibacterial properties. Without lubrication, the balls will be difficult to enter and exit through the anus.

If you have the slightest pain you should stop your actions. You can resume anal masturbation when the pain is completely gone. With strong pain it makes sense to call an ambulance.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which the anal balls are made. Silicone balls are safe for the body and pleasant to the touch, but they cannot be used with silicone grease, it spoils them. It is better not to use balls with a nylon connecting thread. It is difficult to launder such a thread; the probability of its breaking is not excluded. It is not necessary to use anal balls fastened with a nylon thread without a condom. Also a condom can be used to soften sensations. It is worth being very careful with the use of a chain if there is no limiter at its end. A chain that has collapsed into the rectum may have to be pulled into the hospital for the pleasure and preparation of the anus for anal sex.

Different sizes of balls allow you to find the right ones for you, even if you are new to this business. The smooth surface of the products greatly facilitates insertion and removal. Unique sensations from the penetration of balls into the anus will be a nice addition during preparation for anal sex.

How to use anal balls

The main rule for any sex toys:

They must be used with water-based or silicone-based lubricants.

This is especially important when practicing anal stimulation. Before using anal balls you need to completely relax and tune in to have fun. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the entire surface of the balls and the anus.

For beginners, it is best to use lubricants with an anesthetic and relaxing effect . Then gradually put the balls inside, without making any sudden movements. When the balls are inside the anus, you will feel a pleasant pressure on the prostate or the back wall of the vagina.

Lovers and professionals in anal stimulation can appreciate all the delights of practicing vaginal sex while the anal balls are inside you. From this feeling will be stronger and more powerful.

Anal beads: how to use

Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of 4-10 balls of the same or different diameter, which are connected in series with each other.

Mostly anal beads have a rather thin tip, which is great for beginners. The gradual expansion of the diameter of the balls allows you to enjoy every inch of penetration of the balls inside the anus. This toy is great for additional stimulation during sex, especially at the time of orgasm.

The rules for using anal beads are the same as for using anal balls. In this article we have tried to briefly tell you why anal balls are needed, how to use them, and what to do in order to get maximum pleasure from anal stimulation.

Why anal balls are needed and how to use them correctly

It has long been dreaming about experiments in bed, but do not know where to start? Miracle beads – anal balls will help to diversify the intimate life. Such a sex toy will open you new facets of pleasure and bring the offensive bright orgasm.

Why need anal balls

The sphincter is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of a person. Stimulation of the nerve endings of the anus brings incomparable pleasure to both women and men. The task of the anal balls is to stretch the muscles of the anus, preparing them for the introduction of a member or sex toys. In addition, the savory beads pleasantly excite, being an interesting element of the erotic game.

The balls connected by a thread or a flexible partition can be made of elastic or, on the contrary, solid materials. Depending on your preferences, in a sex shop or sex boutique you can buy beads made of silicone, plastic, gel, cyber leather and even metal. Most of all grateful responses about metal anal balls. Their weight is easy to hold, and the smooth texture provides a quick and painless introduction. Models quickly heat up to human body temperature. For experienced couples produce anal balls with vibration. By adjusting the speed of the pulsation with the remote control, you quickly reach the top of bliss.

How to enter anal balls

Having bought a toy in a proven store is sure to inspect it for the presence of sharp edges and chips. Make sure the balls are intact and stick tightly on the thread. Wash the product in warm water with soap and dry well. Be sure to treat the sphincter zone and the beads themselves with high-quality anal lubricant – this will ease the insertion and make it less painful. If necessary, you can additionally use lubricant and during the game.

Introducing anal beads is most convenient in the supine position. Bend your knees and completely relax. Excess speed is nothing to it, for the first time you should be patient. Some men and women like gentle caresses, others prefer hotter games. Agree in advance with your partner on how warmly he or she will remove the beads. In the future, you can experiment with your feelings and even try models with notches.