Beginners’ Guide to Introduing a Cock Ring to Your Partner

To bring anal sex pleasure, a lot of things were created. These include high-quality lubricants, excellent stimulants, comfortable souls, and even anal tunnels. Their use makes the process not only enjoyable, but also safe. Learn all about sex toys for anal sex that you want to repeat.

Of course, all these things are not mandatory for such a contact, you can do without them. But the use of such devices and compositions will help to make the closeness painless and comfortable. For example, lubricants completely relieve pain, and the right device for cleansing the intestines will help remove the tightness and uncomfortable moments.

Preparation devices for anal sex

How do you use cock ring plugs? Refusal of anal sex is often associated with uncertainty about the hygiene of this process. Fears of unpleasant odors or unaesthetic secretions can be a barrier to the experiment. But if the right approaches to solving this issue, everything goes without problems. In order not to worry, it is recommended to clean the intestines. It is enough to go to the toilet in advance, but if in doubt, it is worth doing a cleansing enema.

Anal shower: It is a pear that fills with water. Fluid through a special tip is inserted into the anus. Water rinses the small intestine, and anal sex is odorless and secretions for the procedure enough 200-300 ml of boiled water. The special form of the device allows you to clean in minutes, without much effort.

Anal tunnel: If you want to completely wash your body, you can use the anal tunnel. This is an anal plug with a hole. Through it, with the help of an anal shower, a liquid is injected, and it also comes out. You can repeat the procedure many times, seeking absolute purity. It is suitable anal tunnel and for the introduction of a lubricant inside. And this is a way to look inside the body, which is important in many games.

Required things for anal

In order for anal sex to bring only pleasant impressions, you should not forget about anal lubricants and contraceptives. Lubrication will help to avoid peace of mind, protect the delicate body from the effects, help slip.

It is worth remembering that it is not recommended to alternate between anal and vaginal sex without visiting the shower. Different micro flora can cause inflammation. But if you still want to change the immersion, wear another condom. For anal sex, there are special products that make intimacy brighter.

Lubricant for anal sex: Anal lubricants can be on a different basis. The silicone based version is always more economical. For anal sex, you can apply anesthetic lubrication options. Such compounds help to relax the sphincter, completely remove pain. Anesthetic lubricants begin to act 10-15 minutes after application, so they are applied in advance. Aromatic anal lubricants completely mask the smell. But the main function of the lubricant is to improve the slip, and this is ensured by any professional lubricant.

Condoms for anal sex: They make a little more durable than the classic options. Since the hole is narrower and the friction is stronger, they must withstand a greater load. At the same time, such contraceptives protect against infections and make the process even more hygienic.

Pleasant preparation for anal sex

Anal sex always begins with stretching the hole. It is a responsibility to approach this moment so that the process is pleasant, and not painful. For this, fingers are first introduced into the ass or special sex toys. As a rule, these are butt plugs having a comfortable size for starting.

Butt plugs: These are special-shaped devices that extend the anus. The conical shape allows you to stretch the body gently. Before the introduction of the tube lubricated with anal lubricant, and then injected with light rotational movements. It can be left in the body until further action, and you can immediately remove and move to a more active phase. The fullness in the area of ??the anus can enhance the feeling of vaginal sex, littoral stimulation. The use of plug and butt plugs is also recommended for masturbation.

Anal stimulants: Devices for making frictions. Often represent an elongated object with a limiter at the base. Can You can use before sex or instead. Immersion and extraction of sex toys gives massage sensations, but if you leave the toy inside while working in other erogenous zones, there will be a state of fullness, which also excites.

Anal toys for wearing: Used to get pleasure in the most unexpected places. This toy is simply placed in the body and sent to anywhere in the world. The device is invisible under clothing. If it is on the remote control and with vibration – movement can be connected at any time. But even without additional functions, the anal stimulator will give a feeling of fullness and slight excitement.

Strengthening sensations during anal sex

After proper preparation, you can proceed to action but how to make anal sex more interesting and sensual? You can supplement it with new techniques or unusual sensations. Products from our sex shop also help in this:

Sex toys for anal fisting: The anus can be stretched to large sizes. Gradual expansion gives a feeling on the verge of pleasure and pain. You can give such emotions with your hands, but it is much better to use special sex toys with a large diameter. To keep the movements smooth and safe, do not forget about the special lubricant for fisting.

Expanding anal stimulants: Enjoyable expansion can give increasing toys. At the time of introduction into the anus, they are small, but then air is pumped into them, and the volume of the device becomes 30-100% larger. This significantly increases the diameter, which causes new experiences. The size of the toy can be controlled, at any time it will be reduced.

Vibration: Anal sex toys with vibration – a godsend for lovers of stimulation of the anus. Different modes gently affect the erogenous zones and cause violent orgasms. Vibration is interesting for both men and women. Both anal plugs and anal stimulators are often equipped with this function. And the more modes, the more interesting the subject to use. Control is possible on the device itself, on the remote control or even using a smart phone.

Electro stimulation of the anus: Light electric shocks are nice from the strength of the impact of changing feelings. In the first modes you feel something like a tickle, then tingling. And if you increase the strength, then the body will be pierced by light blows, which will cause tension to the muscles that are responsible for orgasms. Buy anal sex toys with electro stimulation possible today. These things are made of elegant materials that are pleasant to hold. And experiences with such things will be remembered for a long time, they will definitely want to repeat.

Rimming: This is oral petting anus. Performed with lips and tongue, but you can experience these sensations with the help of special sex toys. It is able to give a similar feeling. Vibration in the device is distributed very correctly, and all movements really resemble caress language.

Lubricants with special effect: During anal sex, a warming or cooling lubricant can be used. Special components affect the body so that the usual actions seem more enjoyable. Such lubricant is relevant for those who want to try something new in bed. It is interesting to add more exciting composition. This is also a lubricant, but they cause a rush of blood to the erogenous zones, which also changes the experience in the process.