Experts talk about the use of anal beads

Although you probably didn’t think about it, the world of sex toys isn’t that different from other, somewhat normie industries. The thing is, you can enjoy pretty vanilla stuff like bullet vibrators and yummy lubes, but you can also play around with some more extreme toys. And when it comes to these next-level gadgets, it doesn’t get more pro than anal beads. No, not plugs — beads.

These toys are a series of shapes on a string that you can use for insertion and removal during anal play. They stimulate your sphincter muscles, upping your orgasms and sex in general. They can come in many shapes, but it’s safe to say that they’re mostly round, sphere-like. Anyway, let’s see what experts have to say about them, shall we?

They stimulate the erogenous zone in your anus

Namely, anal beads are pretty simple sex toys. They have one purpose, and like the classics they are, they accomplish it with ease. The whole point of these rectal gadgets on a string is to make your sex feel as dirty as ever. And by stimulating the rich erogenous zone inside your anus, they make for some unforgettable action.  Look at these anal beads from, and you’ll know how these beads can stimulate your anus with explosive sensations. 

Even if not as rich in nerves as your vagina or clitoris, your butt is still something you should stimulate during intercourse. By going in and out of your rear end, anal beads massage your sphincter muscles. And depending on their size, these rude boys can make you feel like an A-list porn star. But don’t take it from us. It’s what sex therapists have to say.

They’re not the same as a butt plug

It’s no shame to admit that you mistake beads for plugs from time to time. After all, they both go inside your anus, right? Well, that’s true and all, but allow us to explain the difference between these two types of toys. Don’t worry — it’s pretty simple. You’ll get the hang of it immediately.

Butt plugs are meant to go inside and stay there for some time, stretching your hole for further penetration. On the other hand, beads go in and out as fast as you want them. Their whole deal is to stimulate your rectum while you play with your vagina. Sure, lots of women enjoy plugs during vaginal intercourse too, but the whole point is to make your backdoor ready for what’s coming next.

Lube is key

When it comes to butt stuff, there’s no better advice than telling someone they will need lots of lubrication. The reason is that your anus doesn’t produce slippery body fluids like your vagina, meaning it’s pretty hard to penetrate it without tearing the rectal tissue along the way. Hence, using lots of lube is essential for a safe experience.

No matter if you’re going to play around with beads, plugs, or your partner’s penis, we suggest you get some water-based lube. Other types might seem more attractive, but in reality, they’re not the safest. Unlike them, water-based lube is harmless for everyone, and it will take care of all your needs in no time.

You probably want to do more than just using the beads

One of the great things about anal sex toys is that you can insert them and go about your day as usual. From doing your chores to watching TV, they will fill you up and make even the dullest of activities more pleasurable. However, you shouldn’t stop there.

The best way to make the most of anal beads is to incorporate them with other sexual acts and perversions. You should insert them while having regular intercourse or while you use a vibrator on your vagina. The double effect will help you experience a powerful orgasm that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.

Silicone is a good option

Experts strongly suggest that you make sure that your anal beads come from safe materials. The thing is, not everyone will react the same to rubber or glass objects inside their body. Hence, they say that stainless steel and silicone anal beads are the best.

They’re both non-porous, meaning bacteria won’t be able to spread. But unlike silicone, newbies might see stainless steel as a bit more intimidating. And we get it. Steel is a shiny alloy that looks like something out of your doctor’s clinic. Still, they’re both high-quality and easy to clean after use.

You’ll have to choose between a rigid or soft strand

Most experts say that beginners face a difficult decision when choosing between soft and rigid types of anal beads. And even if soft seems like a smart call at first, it’s actually harder to insert. You need to press each bead to push it into your anus. The rigid ones are easier to place if you use the stopper at the end of the string.

Start slow

We all know that anal is a bit tricky to pull off at first. Reasons being that you’re not used to inserting something inside your backdoor. You use it regularly the other way around. Hence, every expert we know suggests that you should begin slowly.

This means that for newbies, it’s better to start outside the anal hole. Use beads by rubbing them slowly around your rectum, allowing it to relax. Once you feel ready, slowly insert the smallest of the bunch while taking a deep breath. If it begins to hurt, stop immediately and return to foreplay.

Do it on your own first

Another important thing to keep in mind is to try out beads on yourself before you introduce them to your partner. Why? Well, you should understand how they work, so that you can make the most of your time together. And while trying anal beads out, you’ll quickly get to figure what might be potentially uncomfortable for your lover.

Over-communicate when you use these with a partner

Like with any other form of sexual intercourse, it’s essential, to be honest with your partner. After all, communication is the basis of every successful relationship. And when it comes to anal beads, what feels good for you might feel off for them. So, experts say that both of you should speak up if something hurts or doesn’t feel right.