4 Best Ways to Use Butt Plugs in Bed

Buttplugs for punishmentis a design development embodied in 100% quilted glass. We chose a medium size cork because it fits both beginner and advanced. And because it can be used as a solo for anal stimulation, and during other, more traditional sex games and alone with yourself and with a partner.

This model is available in 2 colors, purple and green. We chose green because it is a rather rare color for sex toys and we wanted to replenish our collection with such a beautiful and original thing.


The package is a small cardboard box with a discreet and stylish design. On the front of the image of the cork itself, on the sides of the transparent windows through which it can be seen. Moreover, the windows on both sides, they are well transmitted light and choosing you can admire the modulations and the refraction of color in the traffic jam. The unique play of light and color is one of the reasons why we like glass toys.

On the reverse side there is an inscription in several languages ??that the cork is made of hygienically safe 100% glass of silicate, in case anyone has any doubts. Opening the box, we find a foam rubber gasket so that the cork does not get damaged during transportation; the same gasket is visible at the bottom, under the base of the cork.

By the way, a wonderful New Year’s gift – beautiful, high-quality, in the spirit of a holiday and every time, experiencing the pleasure with it, you will be remembered with gratitude. Very long, because glass is one of the most durable materials for sex toys.

Crystal NS Novelties Middle Anal Plug Size

We take out the cork and understand that it is gorgeous! Smooth cool glass, amazingly elegant shape, great tactile sensations. It is quite tiny for traditional medium-sized traffic jams.

Positive and negative aspects of anal sex

Today, having anal sex is of great importance in the intimate relationships of many couples. Young couples have long ceased to perceive anal sex as something indecent and immoral. However, anal sex has both pros and cons, which you need to know before you decide to try to do just that kind of sex.

Pluses anal sex

Sooner or later, sex in the intimate life of a married couple becomes trivial and uninteresting. In order to diversify their “bed” life and bring in bright colors, couples begin to experiment. Anal sex is able to bring diversity to the familiar intimate life of a couple and regain lost interest in sex through absolutely new sensations.

Even if couples practice anal sex, they do it, as a rule, extremely rarely. Therefore, for many couples, anal sex is a real “delicacy” that both a man and a woman look forward to.

Not every girl will decide to entrust even her beloved man her anus. Therefore, if your partner agrees to anal sex, then she trusts you and you should appreciate it.

  • Having anal sex you cannot think about contraceptives, because in this case, pregnancy is excluded
  • Anal sex can be practiced even during menstrual bleeding, pregnancy and various gynecological diseases.
  • Anal sex is most often present in couples in which a girl does not wish to lose virginity before entering into legal marriage. And the pleasure of anal sex, she gets no worse than any other type of sex.
  • The size of the penis is not important, since all the main excitation zones of the rectum are located at the entrance. Because of this, in order to satisfy the girl does not require deep penetration.
  • Anal sex does not allow blood to stagnate in the pelvic organs, so girls, who often practice this kind of sex, do not have hemorrhoids.

Cons of anal sex

Many women and men consider anal sex to be disgusting and vile. Therefore, if you belong to this category of citizens, it is better not to try anal sex, because you cannot fully relax, and, therefore, do not get pleasure.

Often, anal sex gives the girl only pain, because of which she can once and for all refuse this type of sex. To prepare for this kind of sex, you can buy a butt plug or tail plug in our love plugs sex shop where you can pick popular butt plug brands and prepare for anal sex without pain.

  • If improperly preparing for anal sex penetration, for this pick lubricant for anal sex, can cause anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and even prolapse of the rectum.
  • Anal sex cannot protect you from sexually transmitted infections.
  • Frequent anal sex threatens to stretch the sphincter and further problems with defecation.
  • Sex shop Oasis of Love wishes you a good sex and new sensations.

Anal plugs for wearing

Feel fullness in the anus can not only during intimacy. Butt plugs can be used at any time, and pleasant experiences will accompany you at work, on a walk or in the gym.

Butt plug for wearing is necessary for those who like to feel a little excited at any time. It can be worn in the body for several hours without a break, enjoying the fullness. With each movement, it will be felt in the body, but it will not create discomfort. The special form does not interfere with the movements.

Butt plug and its benefits

Options for anal stimulators for wearing are very diverse. Their size may vary. But the limiter is small. It has an anatomical shape and is conveniently placed between the buttocks. At the same time, no parts of sex toys stick out, so that no one would guess what is hiding under clothes.

Butt plugs are suitable for use by both men and women. But for the strong half there are models that stimulate the prostate. A special bend concerns the gland and presses it slightly. The sensations are pleasant. This massage is an excellent prevention of prostatitis and a way to strengthen the potency at any age.

The material of traffic jams is always gentle and pleasant to the touch. Silicone models can be worn in the body for up to 6 hours without a break. PVC options – no more than 3 hours.

We buy butt plug

To feel the fullness, buy a classic shape cork. It will be felt at any time: in the gym, on a walk, at work. But such a thing is noticeable during the movements. In the stillness is almost not felt.

The variant with a large relief or different diameter is felt more intense. For example, it is impossible to forget about anal balls. A pronounced massage effect is ideal for intense stimulation. A variant with a curved nose for prostate massage.

Sleeves for wearing with vibration are an opportunity to even experience an orgasm in a crowded place. But it is more convenient to buy a sex toy that is controlled from a remote control or from a smartphone. Then it can be included at any time. If the control is on the device itself, then in order to reach the power button, you will have to retire.

With remote control, you can experiment with a partner. The console should be trusted with your loved one, and let him control the intensity of movements in the ass. This can be a very bright game and an exciting prelude.

Buy butt plug for wearing in our store. We have collected quality options with a nice price. All models are safe to use. Delivery is carried out in any part of USA, the delivery is completely anonymous.

6 Best Ways on Using an Anal Douche

Anal care with the help of anal douche is conducive to the health and hygiene of each person. Anal douche are mostly used to keep clean for anal intercourse. Since they clean only a small part of the rectum, unlike the intestinal inlet, the application is simple and pleasant. But not only is the upcoming anal sex reason to indulge in an anal shower, but it also has a positive effect on your health. So it can be used as a proven remedy for constipation and bring relief in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It also works with irritation in the anal area, caused by stool residues.

The benefits of anal rinse

An anal lavage is not intended exclusively for people who consider it as part of their sexual life. It also has a permanent place in medicine. A gentle, properly performed anal care is not least a prerequisite for a healthy anal area, which in turn makes a contribution to the intestinal health. Malaise or small tears (anal fissures) can be treated successfully with the help of an anal shower. The prerequisite is that you approach with the necessary caution. The Anal douches are built so that there is no risk of injury. Click here to learn how to make your own home made anal douches.

The use for the purpose of cleaning before anal sex

Anal sex can be an exciting and enjoyable experience for both the woman and the man. The anal shower belongs to the simple equipment of lovers of anal sex. It cleans the rectum before the union and thus ensures cleanliness and hygiene. Thus, related fears and concerns can be eliminated, and the relaxed pleasure experience is no longer contrary. Since the intestine has no natural lubricating film, the anal douche should only be used together with a water-soluble lubricating cream. This protects the sensitive area of ??the anus from injury and allows safe after-cleaning. Best way to anal douche is therefore practical care products that guarantee cleanliness and hygiene during anal intercourse and offer a perfect preparation for lovemaking.

The application of anal cleansing against constipation

An anal shower can also be used to regulate bowel movement in case of constipation. The warm body water stimulates the movement of the intestine and the constipation can be solved. Here, however, only small amounts of liquid should be used. The taps are designed to hold no more than 200 – 300 milliliters of water, so you cannot go wrong.

The anal care against inflammation, burning and itching

Originally, anal douche was used exclusively in the healing field. In the anal canal, at the end of the digestive process, stool residues form, which can influence the well-being? Thus, these residues can cause numerous complaints depending on the consistency of the chair. They range from uncomfortable feelings, to inflammation and irritation, to anal fissures, anal itching and the associated pain.

A thorough anal cleansing using an anal shower prevents many of these problems and can help to eliminate them. The cleaning of the rectum of stool remains is not only a matter of personal hygiene, but also counteracts the development of inflammation in the anal area. The result is a strong sense of cleanliness that cannot be achieved by using only toilet paper.

The use of the anal douche for concomitant treatment of hemorrhoids

The anal douche can also be used for the concomitant treatment of hemorrhoids. Due to this, the entire anal area is affected and should therefore be cleaned and maintained very gently. Excessive rubbing and wiping with toilet paper should be avoided at all costs. After using the toilet, a careful cleaning with the anal shower can instead be carried out. The stool remnants, which additionally irritate the hemorrhoids, are thus removed and the rectum is gently cleansed. It is important to then carefully dry and cream the area.

How does the anal shower work?

For reasons of hygiene, water is flushed through the anus by means of an anal shower in order to clean the rectum. This water is then excreted again so that stool remnants are removed in a particularly gentle manner. This process is repeated two to three times until the separated liquid is clean and as clear as possible. When using lukewarm water, the muscles are relaxed and cleaning thus works easily. The application of the anal douche works very easy. Even inexperienced people should not have any trouble performing the anal cleansing because the devices are simply constructed. If a few simple rules are followed, the application is a thoroughly clean and simple matter. The use of only clean water should be a matter of course, as well as the testing of the temperature before the application of the anal douche. Finally, it is necessary to optimally adjust the angle of the body for insertion of the anal douche in order to avoid pain and injury and to ensure maximum functionality.

Why the anal shower is the best anal care

The Anal Shower is used for gentle anal cleansing not only for analysts, but also for health and hygiene-conscious people. When used properly, this simple device gently cleans the rectum. A thorough and gentle anal care not only serves to increase the well-being, but it exerts a very positive influence on the personal inflammatory situation in the anal region. Thus, the anal douche realizes high hygiene standards, which has a positive effect on the health of the user because a cleaning with toilet paper does not meet the requirements of a sustainable anal cleansing under any circumstances.

Sufficient anal care is still one of the basic requirements for the healing of tiny injuries, fissures and inflammation. The area of ??the anus should be showered regularly, but especially after every bowel movement, with warm water to the outside. For an anal shower is ideal. If you follow the instructions of the anal douche, you cannot go wrong. Soon you will be able to convince yourself of the pleasant feelings that hygienic cleanliness entails.

The application of the anal shower

Before the anal shower is used for the first time, it should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water. Only when it is ensured that the anal douche is scrupulously clean can the application be started without hesitation.

First, the bellows must be filled with lukewarm water. You can use different procedures for this. For the time being, a bowl is filled with water, in which then the tip of the anal douche is held with the cap pressed in. Lukewarm water is ideally between 34 and 36 degrees. Slowly letting go of the balloon attachment develops suction and filling yourself. Of course, the anal douche can also be filled right under the tap. To do this, first remove the tip and hold the bellows under the water. The main thing in both variants is that the temperature is right.

Before inserting the tip of the anal douche and the anus are rubbed with a suitable lubricating cream to facilitate the introduction. It is recommended to perform the anal lavage on the toilet in slightly bent forward position. This is the appropriate angle for easy insertion.