Electroshock Butt Plugs and How to Use Them

Hello, darling! We are here with our sex shop constantly talking about the butts of the anal plug. Well, what do you think about this? People call for plugs plugs and even do not understand their purpose. But we will tell you why, where (although you already know where), how and if you should do it at all. For in fact, from the anal plug you can get a number of buzz and buns, which you did not even know! Intrigued? Then read our guide. He (guide) is suitable for both boys and girls. As anal plug, however) So, let’s start with the fact that anal plugs are very different. And the choice of the model also depends on the application.

Anal stimulants can be divided into main groups:

  • To prepare for anal sex (when I took out the cork – I inserted a member)
  • For beginners (to develop anus)
  • Finger imitating cork, for beginners
  • Beauty cork (with a stone, pattern or tail)
  • Cork for additional stimulation (imitation of double penetration)
  • Cork with vibration for pleasure (and both and with partner sex)
  • herringbone plugs or with a relief to extract at the peak of an orgasm
  • plugs with a pear, heavy metal plugs or drop-down plugs for a mega fullness
  • Plugs with holes (anal tunnels) for fetish and bdsm
  • Plugs with a ring for member for The man
  • Corks with a curved tip to stimulate the prostate.

How does the electroshock butt plug work? Based on the types and formats of corks, you probably already saw at least several different ways to use them. So let’s go in order.

Cork to prepare for anal sex

This is the most common use of anal plug. It is especially relevant for those who are just beginning to practice anal sex. When the anus seems to have already been adapted a bit and the pain is moderate or almost does not bother, but the introduction of the penis is still a little difficult.

Half an hour or an hour before anal sex (it can be longer if the cork is light, with a rounded end, a convenient stopper, and there is a moral readiness to wear it for so long) the cork is slightly smeared (slightly!) and inserted into the ass. Then – free time, do business, work, watch a movie, cook dinner, drink wine, it does not matter. Cork in you and ass slightly stretched thanks to her. When ass is used to traffic, you can go to anal sex.

Affection, massage, foreplay, petting, even vaginal sex – do it while the cork stays there. As soon as both of you are ready for anal sex (you and your partner, or you and your ass), the cork is removed and a member comes in quite easily. He seems to be replacing her in the already slightly stretched anus, so that no one experiences any particular discomfort before sex. The same procedure can be done before the introduction of a dildo or stimulant anally. Works equally well. For this method, lightweight (made of silicone, PVC, TPE, latex) corks are drop-shaped, with a slightly rounded tip, extending towards the base.

Cork to develop anus

Suppose, in theory, you have thoughts about anal sex. But somehow there were no experiments in this area, well, the maximum finger in the ass was inserted in a fit of passion, and then somehow … not that it hurt, just in a hurry and not really gone. Everything is strange and incomprehensible. Ideal – try the anal plug.

First, you can experiment with it at home alone, so that, without haste, enter it in the ass and listen to your feelings. You can turn on porn, generously pour all the grease , drink brandy for courage. Insert, walk, lie down, maybe even sit, jump, squeeze and crack the cork inside,take out, examine – what the ass looks like, whether the cork has got dirty, whether I want to run to the toilet. (usually in the first times almost nothing happens, or quite a bit … well, production costs, everything is easy to clean, but if you’re quite shy, choose black silicone plugs, nothing is noticeable on them) In short, one, two, three experiments at home – and it seems possible to have a favorite with a cork.

Secondly, even if you are not yet ready to replace the cork with a member, the kind of cork in the ass can a man, in principle, cause. Like, here, look, I responsibly approach the question. And this is an additional stimulation for you during vaginal sex.

The vagina, when something is in the anus, becomes narrower, and the sensation of sex is brighter. Again, you can try at home alone – with a stopper in the ass and a vibrator in the pussy. Gone? Change any toy on man! You will like it, I guarantee. Well, and this is a little imitation of double penetration.

Cork for the FIRST TIME (or to simulate a finger)

Not everyone, having tried anal sex, become his ardent fans. Well, so happened. Someone stops at the level of “finger” stimulation.

For the sake of hygiene and safety, we recommend replacing your finger with a special stimulator of similar length and diameter. The diameter here is the most important component. Even such stimulants are suitable for the very first (first-first) times, when there was nothing at all in the ass and never, except for what was supposed to be there by nature.

And such small “finger” plugs like men – as an additional stimulation of the anus, if you have not decided to massage the prostate, or during a blow job as a seasoning to the main dish.Why put a manicured finger in his ass when there is a whole bunch of wonderful thin stimulants?

Cork for beauty

Decorate your ass – it is also very important. In men, aesthetes or hunters wake up, and if you “catch” them on a wonderful cork – you can be sure that sex is waiting for you unforgettable. And what can I say, still say that you yourself do not like.

There are a lot of beautiful traffic jams.

Anal jewelry or cork with pebbles and crystals: Sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow. Poured. Very sticky!

Most often, these plugs are made of glass or metal, but there are also silicones. Keep in mind that all the traffic jams with stone are quite weighty and heavy.

Corks with pebbles are often sold in wonderful velvet bags or beautifully designed boxes, so this is also a great idea for an un-personal gift!) You can be anything you want. It looks just awesome especially if you pick up a suit in the subject. For example, you are a very cute and erotic hare, your cork is with a fluffy short hare’s tail. The image is complete!

Or you are a kitty, we have a cat tail! If you’re a wolf, we have wolf tails as well. And if today you are a tough and sexy kitty, then there is a cork with a tail made of rope, with which you can spank your partner. If you’re into kinky role play and interested in these fancy tails, Loveplugs is where you should be looking at.