How to use a handheld vacuum 

A handheld vacuum cleaner may be termed as a revolutionary device that has made cleaning a far more convenient process than it ever used to be. These adevices have brought inconvenience and budget to the exact same device. This makes them popular and an optimum choice for daily household cleaning. Building upon the premise of handheld vacuuming, we have churned out some ways in which you can draw out the full potential of these machines. We generally tend to gloss over the manual that comes with the device in the excitement of using it and so fail somewhere to reach the summit of its capability. Any vacuum cleaner that you own requires care while usage to ensure that it continues to serve you for longer periods of time. Let us find out the ways in which you can maintain a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

Keep an eye on the bag 

You must keep a check on the bag. It should be carefully checked frequently and if found full, should be emptied without delay. For proper functioning, a bag must be replaced as soon as it is filled up to 1/3rd of its maximum capacity. Also, if you see your vacuum cleaner missing out on dust, your bag requires being replaced. 

Before you clean the vacuum cleaner 

It is recommended that you go through the manual for cleaning instructions. A proper process of cleaning has to be followed to ensure proper functioning of the handheld vacuum cleaner. 

If your model is bagless 

If you own one of those models of vacuum cleaners that has a bin without a bag, the bin has to be regularly emptied so that the vacuum cleaner sucks up all the dust. 

Rid the debris 

It is essential that you keep your vacuum cleaner clear of the debris that may be left dangling near air passages and the brush of the vacuum cleaner. Any presence of debris can significantly bring down the utility of the vacuum cleaner. 

Take care of the filters 

Many vacuum cleaners are equipped with filters. These filters trap dust particles and prevent their passage into the air passage. Blockages in these filters must be cleared out regularly to keep the suction power of the vacuum at its maximum. 

Care of the hoses 

The hoses of the vacuum cleaner are bound to attract debris and fine dust particles. Such unwanted crap must be cleared regularly so that the suction path is smooth and clutter free. 

Do not let the machine over-heat 

Vacuuming is a tedious process for even the machine specially manufactured to perform the task. The device would heat up at times. At such times, a rest should be allowed to the vacuum cleaner so that the extra heat does not affect the mechanism encapsulated in that small body. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners may be stunning devices but they require their share of care too. To conclude, it is advised that the manual that comes with your device should be seriously considered. 

Happy cleaning! 

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