How to clean a handheld vacuum 

Vacuum cleaners clean your home of all sorts of dust; what is left behind is a spotlessly clean floor or any other item that you intend to vacuum. Handheld vacuum cleaners have been revolutionary and well renowned for the amount of convenience they offer the user. With the handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily roam around while perusing every corner of your home. The machine in your hand does the task of cleaning your belongings thoroughly, ensuring hygiene in even the darkest of corners. While that is true, a pertinent question can be raised that if the vacuum cleaners clean our homes, what cleans the cleaner itself?  

Your handheld vacuum cleaner also requires some sort of maintenance so that it continues to cater to your needs. While the task of cleaning your vacuum cleaners is not really herculean, it requires remarkable efforts to be pulled off eloquently. It is recommended that you read the manual that came with your device to be specifically oriented for the cleaning process. Here would follow a generic guide to the cleaning of vacuum cleaners with as much care as possible. Read on to be familiar with the step by step guide to cleaning your handheld vacuum cleaner. 

The guide: 

There are some steps you must stick to for a spotlessly clean device without any damaged fragile parts. Those steps are: 

Pulling out the bin: 

  • You would find a button near the clear bin of your vacuum cleaner. Push this button to unlock the bin. 
  • Once the bin is unlocked, carefully pull it out. 

 To clean the bin 

  • Grab a damp cloth to do this. Remember, not too much water to be used. 
  • Please avoid any usage of detergents or any other cleaning aids. Such items may prove hazardous to your vacuum cleaner. 
  • Also, do not chuck the bin in the dishwasher for known reasons. 
  • Carefully wipe the insides of the bin with the damp cloth. 

 To clean your cyclone shroud: 

  • For your cyclone shroud, use the brush provided with the vacuum cleaner. 
  • Carefully brush off the dust and lint clinging to the accessory without damaging anything. 
  • Remember, not to place the entire unit under flowing water as it may hamper the working of your handheld vacuum. 


Cleaning is pretty much done. Now you need to put the items back in place carefully so as to make the unit functional again. 

Placing the bin back: 

  • You just used a damp cloth. Thus, ensure that the bin has completely dried before placing it back in. 
  • Slowly push in the bin until you hear a slight click, the click implies that the bin is back in its position. 


To the shut the unit back in place: 

  • If your vacuum came fitted with a lid, place it in the bin. In the case of a vacuum with bin base, place the base back in position until you hear a click again. 

With that done, your handheld vacuum has been successfully cleaned. 

If you do own one of those handheld vacuums, clean it today! 

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