Grill it safe – Food Safety 

Everyone knows the importance of food in our daily life. So does everyone know how important it is to grill your food to obtain an irresistible flavor. The grill is great when combined with food and fun to hang out with on a Sunday outing. But what comes prior to all this, is human safety. It is vital that you remain safe while grilling; of course your safety matters. Careless grilling can easily lead to unwanted mishaps. If statistics are to be trusted, National Fire Protection Association reports that as many as 8,900 home fires are caused by careless outdoor grilling. While the cases reported varying with the type of grill owned by the households, what matters is safety notwithstanding the kind of grill you have.

There are generic safety suggestions that you may go through before you decide to go on grilling. Those tips are enlisted as follows: 

Be cautious with the fire 

Grilling is an affair that involves flames. These flames have the ability to flare up to uncontrollable levels if kept unchecked. It is recommended that you keep some baking soda and a fire extinguisher at hand to ensure safety in case of fire. If you cannot afford a fire extinguisher for whatever reasons, a bucket full of sand would be as much help. Avoid water to put out fires at all costs.

Check what you wear 

Some fabrics can easily catch fire. It must be taken care that your clothing is just right when you are near flames. Also, ensure that your apron strings or shirt sleeves are away from the flames.

Be cautious with the fuel 

Some grills require fuels for burning. A charcoal grill is such an example. When you see the flames die out, avoid putting in more fuel to flare up the fire. Instead, keep some newspapers on hand to start the fire.

Be around the grill 

It is not recommended that you keep your grill unattended at any time. Keep your kids and pets away from the grill to avoid any mishap. Do not change the position of the best indoor grill when it is lit. Also, the grill tends to retain heat even after an hour of putting out the flames.

When the flame is out

The flame could go out and it would go out. When that happens, do not rush into re-lighting it. Put off the gas and wait for 5 minutes at the least to re-ignite. 

Keep a check on possible leakages

You must ensure that there are no leakages in your barbecue unit. A way to check for the leakage is to apply water and soap to the tank hose. If the solution bubbles, a certain possibility of leakage may arise. Other indicators of leakage include stench of gas around the grill. In no situation should you continue with a damaged grill?

Ensure cleanliness

Keep your grill thoroughly clean. Any unwanted particles may prove harmful in the course of cooking. 

Ensure that your grill is stable 

Do remember to set up your grill on a surface that is uniform and flat. A wobbling grill might topple. 

Check your location 

It is recommended that you carry out your process of grilling away from residential buildings to avoid any possible cases of fire. 

Seems fair enough, doesn’t it? So, when you go out to enjoy grilling, be safe. 

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