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Rudy’s Tenampa

Deciding where to eat on any given night is a painful process for me. There are too many options in this city and I’m indecisive. Most of the time I will force someone else to choose for me.
Rudy’s Tenampa came highly recommend by a few of my work friends. They described it as a bit of a hole in the wall, with great food and award-winning margaritas.
I’m not a huge fan of margaritas…this stems from a particularly brutal night my freshman year of college.
But Rudy’s margaritas are pretty darn good.

Not too sweet, a nice amount of tang and certainly worth the title of “Best Margarita of 2012.”
Before dinner was even ordered I already decided that Rudy’s was my new favorite place.
It was packed on a Friday night but the service was outstanding. The chips and salsa were also on point.
I ordered the Tacos Al Pastor for dinner.
I’ve written several blog posts about the tacos I’ve tried around this city and Rudy’s tacos are certainly a front-runner. The seasoned pork packs some serious heat but the grilled pineapple is a perfect compliment. Seriously, whoever thought of grilled pineapple on these tacos is a flipping genius.
The corn tortillas are perfection.
You must make Rudy’s Tenampa your next meal. Take it easy on the chips and salsa though so you can really dig into the food.
And limit the margs - I’m still mourning those shoes I ruined freshman year.

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