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New Peking Chinese Restaurant


Throw a rock and you can find a decent Chinese restaurant but let me tell you why New Peking Chinese Restaurant (off Westport and Mill Street) should be your next. 
First things first, the soy sauce. 
Soy sauce is an important component to any Chinese restaurant so I was impressed with the presentation. No greasy Kikkoman jar here, we’re talking a real glass container. 
Rewind twenty years ago: As a child I had a very intense love for soy sauce. I can remember sneaking to the kitchen and shooting capfuls of soy sauce like it was top shelf vodka. 
For the sake of my blood pressure I’ve curbed my salt addiction…a little. 
My appetizer was New Peking’s Wonton Soup.
This soup is a must-have when you go. Amongst the broth are large mushrooms, fresh spinach and two large wontons filled with some type of creamy goodness. Good to the last drop.
Next up, the Shrimp and Vegetable entree. 
It’s as fresh and delicious as it looks. The sauce was light with a touch of garlic. 
The Sizzling Beef and Scallops entree was just as delicious. 
Can you see the sizzle?
The beef was decent, the scallops were good and the sauce was excellent
My meal at New Peking consisted of two soups, two entrees and a couple shots of soy sauce for $30. That’s a helluva deal.

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