The Boot in Westport

Westport has seen a lot of restaurants come and go, but I certainly hope The Boot is here to stay.
The menu includes a variety of Italian dishes with a tasteful twist. Enjoy a pork shoulder sausage flavored with granny smith apples and cinnamon or munch on meatballs with ground beef, prosciutto, herbs and ricotta. 

The atmosphere is intimate, both literally and figuratively. One long communal dining table takes up the middle of the restaurant while small tables flank the outer brick walls. It’s a small space, which lends well to the family-style feel where at any point you feel you could jump in on your neighbor’s conversation, or just eavesdrop.

I’ve been told the short ribs are one of the best things on the menu. I can attest to that. The meat is so tender and combines perfectly with the creamy polenta underneath.

Vegetarians beware. I had to show you how amazing this meat was.
And I couldn’t order just one entree…

The Luigi pizza included beef pepperoni, aged provolone cheese and big chunks of marinated artichokes. It was one of the better pizzas I’ve had in Kansas City and for $12, also one of the most reasonably priced.
Dessert was also impressive.

The Ameretti Semifreddo with Warm Chocolate Sauce was crazy good. As you can see, there are bits of cookie combined with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce comes in its own gravy boat and by the time my plate was licked clean I was spooning out the unused chocolate sauce and eating that too. Table manners be damned, not a drop of this dessert went to waste.
Large portions and reasonable prices also contribute to my all-around great experience at The Boot. Several repeat visits will take place.

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