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Glacé Artisan Ice Cream

The concept of Glacé Artisan Ice Cream is fail-proof. Use the best chocolate connoisseur in Kansas City (Christopher Elbow), combine with all-natural ice cream and sprinkle in some interesting flavor combinations.
It is one of the best things you will put in your mouth.

Twenty-four delicious flavors stood before me…

Sampling is your friend at Glacé…and the guy behind the counter was very patient as I tried the Fresh Mint Chip, Bananas Foster, Chocolate Almond, Classic Strawberry, Salted Pretzel and Cream Cheese. I truly enjoyed each flavor, but there were two easy winners.

I chose the Salted Pretzel and Chocolate Almond. Everything is true to its name…the Salted Pretzel tastes like a doughy, sweet pretzel with a little salty kick at the end. The Chocolate Almond was an easy pick because, HELLO, it’s made with Christopher Elbow chocolate complimented by thin slivers of almond.

Glacé is a ice cream at its purest. You can taste the quality and freshness of the product and everything tastes like the real thing. Glacé uses ingredients such as fresh mint, organic coffee, lavender, goat cheese…I mean, come on, you’re not going to find this at your local Dairy Queen.
You can get a small cup with two flavors for $3.50, which is a steal for me considering I can’t walk out of Peachwave without spending at least $7 (that’s a lot of ounces, I know).
Get your fix at one of Glacé’s two locations: the South Plaza and Overland Park.
It may not be low fat, but I can promise you it will be worth it.
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