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FüD in Westside


Charming. Unique. Flipping awesome. These are some adjectives I would use to describe FüD (pronounced food) in Westside.

Since April 2010, FüD has been offering a wide variety of organic, vegan, locally grown dishes that cater to all types of allergies and preferences encompassing raw foods, gluten free, soy free and nut free meals.
My prior experiences with vegan food have left me still hungry and feeling like I had a bad imitation of what the real dish should taste like. Anyone who avoids dairy can sympathize…it is impossible to find dairy-free cheese that doesn’t taste like an old shoe. This is not the case at FüD. Case in point: the cheese tastes like CHEESE!

I’m still singing the praises of this Portabella Wrap. Large sauteed portabella mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, spinach, cashew sour cream and cashew goji cheddar sit atop a wheat tortilla. It is one of the best vegan dishes I’ve had. Who knew cashews could taste sooooo good???
Lunch wouldn’t be complete without something sweet…

This is called perfection, or you can find it on the menu as the Chocolate Cacao Chip Shake. In this glass is a frosty blend of cacao powder, cacao nibs, agave, cashews and ribbons of something that tastes like hot fudge. Good grief it’s so delicious!
Beyond the adorable atmosphere and great food, FüD did something for me that not many restaurants do…I ate and I was full. And not the gross kind of full you get from eating a large pizza or a foot-long sub, a full that doesn’t make you feel guilty.

Bottoms up!

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6 thoughts on “FüD in Westside

  1. This has been my favorite vegan restaurant since they opened not only because of the amazing, rotating menu, but also the commitment to local producers, food quality, and the great people that work and visit.

  2. Your “review” is right on! Completely amazing füd…we don’t go nearly as often as we should. Techie commment: to type the “ü” (on a windows computer) you hold down the ALT key while pressing “0252″ on your number pad (doesn’t work with the top row numbers). If you have a Mac or a laptop without a number pad, I have no idea how to do it. :)

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