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Great lounges are built upon great concepts. Snow & Co., located in Crossroads District, has found a niche in Kansas City, making unique, frozen cocktails that showcase local names and flavors.

So I have this thing called “ordering anxiety,” a deep fear that I will…
A) order something I don’t like
B) the pressure of ordering will make me incapable of making a rational choice
C) I will order something that I like, until I try my friend’s order and like theirs better.
My favorite thing about Snow & Co. YOU CAN TRY A SAMPLE OF ANY SNOW COCKTAIL, thus relieving my anxiety and giving me the option to find something I truly love. I loved this drink.

The Limey Bastard. It represents the Goldilocks theory of a perfect cocktail…not too sweet, not too sour but juuuussst right. The Limey Bastard is a combination of Hendricks Gin, Thatcher’s Organic Cucumber Liqueur, house limeade and lemonade and fresh milk. By far one of the best cocktails I’ve had in Kansas City. So smooth, so refreshing and subtly strong. Part of the originality of Snow & Co. is the local flavors used in their drinks. For example, Elbow’s Sexual Chocolate includes chocolate from Christopher Elbow, a local Willy Wonka if you will.
Sunshine Boulevard, another cocktail I tried, featured wheat beer from Boulevard Brewery, 360 Vodka from Weston, Mo., house lemonade and fresh orange juice. It reminded me of a frozen summer beer.

Pretty good, but The Limey Bastard is still my favorite.
My only advice at Snow & Co.:
Be advised of brain freeze.
Steady your pace.
Sample everything.

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  1. I totally love Snow & Co! Their unique frozen cocktails should be tried by any people going there. And I must say that I love the Sunshine Boulevard. I don’t think I could finish my college essay without sampling one to wake me up.

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