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Marv’s Delicatessen


There are a lot of options in Kansas City when it comes to diners and delicatessens. Marv’s combines both aspects, offering specialty sandwiches, Chicago dogs, burgers, bagels, beer, old fashion fountain drinks…you get the idea. It’s something for everyone.

Marv’s Deli is located in Leawood, Kan. near Town Center Plaza. Upon arrival, the server greeted me with these…

It looks like a pickle, but it’s not pickled if that makes sense. It’s the unpickled-pickle. Basically a fresh cucumber marinated in dill and vinegar. Different, but good.
I ordered the #5, the Bookie BLT.

The sugar-cured bacon is what sets this BLT apart from any other BLT I’ve had. It’s sweet, yet salty and thick. Had to show you the side angle so you could see what I mean.

Get a ruler out and measure this!
If you’re at a deli you get potato salad, obviously.

There were potatoes, red peppers, mayo, spicy mustard, celery and who knows what else. It was enjoyable.
I hope you guys don’t get sick of my lemon obsession but

Marv’s, I tip my hat to you. This lemon bar was everything I’ve dreamed of. I urge you to go to Marv’s for a sandwich and an unpickled-pickle. You won’t be disappointed.

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2 thoughts on “Marv’s Delicatessen

  1. The Pickles are called half sours. Classic Jewish deli food. Yummy.

    Try the potato latkes (potato pancakes) next trip. The only ones that are better come from my own kitchen. :-)

    Thanks for the tip on the lemon bar. We tried their cheesecake and it wasn’t anything special at all.

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