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Three Girls Cupcakes

When I received an email from a coworker that a cupcake truck would be outside the office that day it felt too good to be true. As the day drug on in anticipation of butter cream and sprinkles, I was practically sprinting to the parking lot to see the mobile Messiah that was about to make my confectionery dreams come true.

Three Girls Cupcakes consists of a a few geniuses that got together and decided to take their sweets to the streets. Daily flavors include: Vanilla Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter Cup, Vanilla Lemon, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Cream Cheese, and Red Velvet, just to name few. I went with the Red Velvet.

Hands down the best Red Velvet I’ve had. Starting at the top, the frosting consists of white chocolate cream cheese with red candy crystals. I liked the fact that you can actually taste the cream cheese – an important factor in a satisfying Red Velvet cupcake. After the initial deliciousness of the frosting, the cake did not disappoint. It was very moist with amazing, rich flavors but the best part was the top of the cake that had just a bit of a crust to it, not hard at all, but the consistency was fantastic.

I feel like most Red Velvet’s I try the focus is mostly on the presentation and the frosting, while the cake is an afterthought. Three Girls Cupcakes does it right, however. The rich, defined flavors of the cake compliment the frosting.

If you live or work in Kansas City you must try Three Girls Cupcakes. They post a schedule every week of where they’ll be so check it out. Cupcakes are $3, cake pops are $2 and 10 percent of their proceeds go to children’s charities. How could you not love that?

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  1. Love Three Girls Cupcakes. I got a cupcake last week and this week about 10 people followed me out for their own.

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