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Andre’s Confiserie Suisse

I’ve been to Andre’s before for their famous chocolates, but today I went for lunch…and chocolate.

Andre’s has two locations, (near the Plaza and Overland Park) both serving pastries, cakes and chocolates. Walk a little further past the truffles and tarts and you’ll find a tearoom serving authentic Swiss lunches. Each day they have a limited menu with two rotating entrees and two quiches. I went with the Quiche Lorraine.

The quiche was good and consisted of chunks of bacon mixed with onions, cheese and eggs all on top of a flaky crust. It didn’t blow my mind, but it was tasty. Nothing great to report about the salad…just lettuce with a mayonaisse dressing. Now to the good part…

The Dark Chocolate Ganache made up for the mediocre first half of the meal. Layers of cake sitting upon layers of chocolate ganache….heavenly! The outside layer of chocolate was a hard shell but the inside contained rich, soft lines of chocolate.
The entire meal was $15…it was worth it for me but I would probably spend my last quarter on a sugar craving so I don’t know if I’m a reliable/sane source.
Here’s some eye candy for you…

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